In this fangame, you’re not samus. You are a space pirate, but also not one. Although you’re a space pirate and you’re also not one, you’re one person. Confusing?..not really. You are the space pirate commander Alpha. You were born and raised by the chozo, kept secret from your sister.(yes, that’s Samus)

[I] When only 13, an un-named boy and his sister were the two survivors of an invasion.
They had almost died, when on the brink of death, were taken in by an advanced race called the Chozo.
The Chozo raised the two, teaching them their ways of combat. Both showed exceptional skill, but the un-named boy, (whom was named Alpha by the chozo) showed much anger, most likely from the loss of his loved ones. when he became of age, he was given battle armour. Not long after, the chozo decided that his rage was too much for the weapons he was equipted with.
When Alpha learned that his armour was to be taken away, he rebeled against the chozo and left in his ship. Alpha sided with space pirates, not knowing that they had caused his pain. Alpha once again was kept secret from samus, as he trained with his new partners. The training was long and harsh, and he had completely forgotten of the younger sister he had left long ago…
Now that his training is complete, he has been given his first mission:
…Sound good? The game takes place before Fusion. (yes, that means he doesn’t succeed in destroying samus) Here’s a work in progress sprite sheet of alpha and his beams and upgrades.

no, the pwnage beam WILL NOT be in the game. :smiley:

…Looks good?..

…Smells good? :smiley:

nice story and sprites…keep up the good work

Good for both. But I have a better idea for a title. It should be called:

Metroid: Reversal

Because the games is kind of like Samus story except it’s sort of a Space Pirate version of it.

why isnt the Pwnage in the game?

My actual first idea of the game, was your a real space pirate and it was called “Metroid: Reversed”. (Great minds think alike?) The only reason i’m calling it Alpha, it’s because if i make a sequal, Alpha may not be sided with the pirates anymore. (then, it wouldn’t be reversed)

…and the pwnage beam will not be in the game, simply because it will pwn everything very easily. The game would not be difficult. (maybe, i’ll put in a cheat for it :stuck_out_tongue: )

UPDATE: All Alpha sprites have been edited and programmed onto GM. (without alternate suits, beams, and abilities) I’m now starting the search for backgrounds, tilesets, etc. If anyone knows where to find Zero mission or Fusion tilesets (or backgrounds) could you give me a link?

I got a question, witch suits is gonna be in the game?

That does make sense. That’s kinda strange that we thought of the same title first. Also if you need help with the gamemaker I can help. I’m xperienced.

yeah links il give u and u really need help with the riding ridley part so PM me…and ill help u

to chagi- Not sure yet, but none of the suits will be like the originals. They will all be brand new.

to MM- I’m pretty experienced too. If i need help, you’ll be PMed.

to 555- I don’t think i’ll need help with riding ridley, but, could you post the links? To continue work on the game, i’ll need tilesets. I need the tilesets like oxygen now. :stuck_out_tongue:

no updates for now.

Alright. If you need help (especially with the jumping) I can help.

This seems like a really neat fangame. That’s two fangames that don’t have Samus playable. :stuck_out_tongue:

which 2?

No, this isn’t an update. It’s off topic of Metroid:Alpha, but it’s another fangame i’m making. I’m not posting any progress for it or anything, it’s just to amuse any survival horror fans.

It’s a demo of a top-viewed survival horror game, being made with gamemaker. If anyone wants to download it, go here: (when on my site’s homepage, go to downloads section, and scroll down to the latest game, which is “Evil Intention DEMO”)

I love the beams :smiley: specially the tri-fi beam and the way you did the explosion of morphball bombs…

My hopes for d project! d :slight_smile:

The other is Metroid: Xenith. You play as a federation officer in that one.

The beams are pretty cool. The pwnage i’ve decided will be in the game, but only available after you’ve completed the game normaly. I’m thinking of programing 3 difficulty levels into it, easy, normal and hard mode (of course). They will all unlock something, except for easy. Normal=Pwnage beam. Hard=Boss Fight mode. (sound cool?)

…and peoples, please post a site with the tilesets. I’ve been searching for days, and still can’t find a site.

here, I found some tiles


thanks, but, it’s SM, i wanted ZM or M:F…
Oh well. I guess i’ll have to make do.

Hey, that’s a really cool idea, I love all the original weapon ideas… tell truth I had some idea similar to that. Except it wasn’t Samus’s brother, it was a wounded space pirate found on K2-L by another Chozo tribe searching for the Chozen One.

So, do you have a release date ready? haha

Uh, no. No release date yet.
And another similar idea? Woah. There’s some freaky sh*t going on here.

UPDATE: Added stuff to the engine, and planned a few maps for the game. It’s sounding
really cool, in my opinion (How the first few maps go). Here’s a teaser, like what you’d find on the back of a book or something:

Once again, Samus has become the hunted! Take controll of the space pirate commander Alpha, who secretly is Samus’ brother, now sworn to destroy her! What terrors await Samus and Alpha on the Mysterious planet RX004? Uncover the mystery of an abandoned Galactic Federation Base, and a sinister lifeform known as “The Destruction”…

…There’s a little something to make you think. What exactly is the destruction? Planet RX004? Abandoned base? All will be revealed.

Even though it’s far from complete, The demo will consist of One Game map, which is a Galactic federation colony. So, um, is there anyone that would like to sprite a federation trooper for me? Help would be GREATLY appriciated.