Metroid 2: Remix

Hello there. Someone of you may remember me as that guy from who made Metroid Network. I figured now would be a good time to draw some attention to Metroid 2: Remix, the project of which I am the main programmer. Metroid 2: Remix (or M2Re for short) has been in the works for a few months, but I actually started coding my own metroid engine about 2 years ago. We are near the completion of a demo up to the first metroid encounter in the game. On our forums you can find an environment demo featuring Full Basic Movement/Shooting/Morphball/Bombs and the first few rooms of the game. Unfortunately most of the posts outside of the Team Member Only board are very old. You can find our forums at (Some people complain this link gives them log in trouble. If so, use this one.) We are currently looking for anyone interested in helping, mainly in the area of programming AI for enemies (something which I myself am not very good at) and some sprites and tilesets (we have most of the enemies near the start of the game done as well as the Metroids). We are using GameMaker 6.1 Registered to make the game. I stink at wrapping things up, so have a nice day!

yup ive heard of this project before…i thought it was dead for a while…well i guess not then, sry:P

Oh yeah, sorry, but I forgot all about that. I actually lost the link when transferring accounts on my computer. But I’ll try to get back to work on something…ish.

i might be able to help with some AI, i know i could make some AI, just wondering if i have the time, most likely do though.

send me a message through p2d of details of what needs to be done, and other stuff like that, ill look at it and see if i can help you guys out! :slight_smile:

He probably wont be back for a while. I suggest you register there and ask in person. There are only about 5 actice team members including myself, and I havent contributed much to the project yet.

lol, your forum skin is the same as mine.

We’re actually making good progress with the demo, but what really need are some good tilers and programmers. Theres a link to the latest demo on the forum.


The full demo is almost complete. Keep an eye open for it in the next few weeks.


Tilers? I would say I’m good at level design if that’s what you need.
If you have a map I can build all the rooms on it.

Actually, what I meant was people who could draw tiles. Sorry.

I don’t think your going to find many people willing to make full tile sets…

i offered to help with the AI

We could use you. Just register on the forum and get the password to the restricted forum from Sephi.

Red’s on the team? I could help, I haven’t sprited in a while but i feel like getting back into it.

Indeed I am. The lack of members somehow makes it easier to coordinate information. We really need more team members though. Not spriters, but programmers and tilers.

New tiler=me. I’m trying, anyway… :sweat:

oh, this game have future huh? i am waiting fo a demo… never played metroid 2 cuz i get lost very easy, and the graphics hurt my eyes… look foward to this game finished.

There are already a couple demos out. Just go to the forum.

Where does said forum dwell?