Metroid 2 Remake

Would you like to have a remake od metroid 2?

  • Yes
  • No
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I would want one beacause the old on has not alot of abilitys and it needs a map.
It would be for nintendo ds probely if they made it

I would have to say no. We dont need another remake we
need a plain new Metroid Adventure.

that would be new, ofcourse i aprove!

I would enjoy a remake of metroid 2 immensly. you have heard that nintendo is going to make a disk for gamecube with supermetroid on it, yes?
well, it should be kind of like that!!
especially since metroid2 is now a very expensive cartridge to aquire!
by the by, how many think it was a wast of time to remake the origional metroid into zero mission. I think zero mission is great!!!

They should make a remake like they did Metroid. It whould be nice seeing SR388 in 2d on GBA.

There is a MII remake fangame in progress, but I doubt that Nintendo will release one.

metroid072 you would you like it if nintendo release it? you forgot(i think) to answer that

since metriod was remade and super metriod is a classic and the other metriod games are still to date, metriod II should be remade, its kind of out dated, it deserves it.

Zero Mission was a great idea. Why just remake the original? Metroid 2 was a great game, so was Super Metroid. If they remade the orginal Metroid for Game Boy Advance then they certainly could remake these games. I know a lot of fans who would love to see Metroid 2 remade. You know who you are :stuck_out_tongue:.

Besides, I’ve never even played Metroid 2 or Super Metroid… :blush:


Actually, I wonder what they’d call it… Metroid 2: The return of the return of Samus? ROFL! :laughing:

They should (maybe) remake ROS, but definetly not Super Metroid (You can actually look at it, without your eyes hurting.)…

super metroid should never EVER get remaked,not even in a 100 years! when the 2d grapichs be completely forgoten and everthing become 3d,super metroid canot be remaked

I agree with both of you. Super Metroid’s good enough as it is: we don’t need a remake. What we need is a port. What I want is the entire, orginal, unaltered Super Metroid on Game Boy Advance. It doesn’t need anything new, but not everyone’s got a SNES, you know! CapCom did it for Mega Man and Bass, Nintendo did it for Super Mario 64 (although it was more of a remake and it was for the DS not the GBA) etc.

What do you think? I think it’d be great if Super Metroid was ported, unaltered, to the GBA. It’d be great for those of us who don’t have SNESes.

Oh, and Knuckle, there are plenty of 2D games for consoles and computer nowadays. 2D isn’t dead just yet.

gba does not have enough buttons for that

What would they really sould do is re-release both SM and M2 on a collecter’s disc for the Cube, like what they did with Zelda. And perhaps the could add Fusion, or the original (even though I can already play the original four diffrent ways).

D’oh. Forgot. That would cause problems. Maybe the DS instead of GBA? It has as many buttons as the SNES.

Dark Samus Prime is right you get lost in that game without a guidbook and it be nice if they have it for GBA. :smiley:

If nintendo would make a remake of ros it would be called
Thinking Thinking
Got it "Return of metroid 2 ros"Joking :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
Really it should me called “Metroid Unleashed”
It would be on ds,have minigames,continue a little after you defeat metroid queen like zero mission you crashed your ship on zebes but in Metroid Unleashed you would return to your ship leave the metroid larva in there get out and explore more of the planet.It would also be awsome if you could play wi-fi :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have at several times thought of using My Engine to remake M2. But I would need some help with spriting the Metroids in SM style, some help with story plot of M2 and Map/level design…

Here’s a funny story about the level design: There practially was none. I have the game, and there isn’t much to it. You just go down a corridor to a place where it diverges but you can’t go down because of lava. You go the other way and clear out the Metroids until an earthquake happens and the lava disappears. Repeat.

You’d have to go gung ho and make your own maps if you’re seriously considering doing this.

sounds interesting, where is the team for m2? can i join? someone out there hear me…lol