Metroid 2 edits

please tell me what you think of them and how i can improve them, I already have a sheet for the power suit and im working on a sheet for the varia, gravity and phazon now.

edit: theres the new sheet with the fixed light suit.

Those are actually pretty good, but the light suit needs more contrast. It’s too bright.

yeah, thats what i thought…

edit: theres the pic with the new light suit

Those are really good. I never knew you could put such detail into such small…wait a minute, what am I saying?! The Genesis sprites are the size of the old NES Samus, and they have all kinds of detail!

…i’ll pretend i understand what you just said…

I’m saying that they are quite detailed for their size. Genesis is the game I’m working on, and my sprites are the same size as NES Samus, yet they have an enormous amount of detail for that size.

ahh ok, i didnt get the Genesis part…

dude the light suit looks like a big white blob. no afense!

well fix the light suit but the others are great…

well if you can get me a good picture of the light suit, i’ll try to fix it


this will help u a lot

alright, thanks, i’ll have it up soon

no problem :smiley:

i just have a question, what do you want me to change on the light suit?

too bright…add shades and add some black parts



there, hows that?