Metriod Style 3x3 Mini-map Example with room warps

Title: Warps and Mini-maps Example V1.0
Description: Metroid or Castlevanina style mini-map system with room to room warping. In-game tips and in-code commenting included.
File Type: .zip
Version: GM6.1 reg
Link: Download mini-map Example (FIXED)
File Size: 143KB
Other Info: tested fairly thoroughly, please tell me if you run into a bug or typo.

Please comment on this example. Ideas for improvement welcome :smiley:

btw…[size=4]Sheegoth W00t!!![/size]

I’ve always loved the concept of having an example that teaches how parts of it work in-game ever since playing a massive RPG Maker RPG that goes through every feature of the program. It just makes things so much more convenient and easy to learn. You make great use of this while teaching things a lot of tutorials and examples overlook or don’t bother mentioning. Nice job.

Ecs should be Esc
Correction should be correct

After smashing around the dancers in the final room for a bit, I got the error message “Error in action number 1 of Draw Event for object obj_map: Trying to use non-existing surface” each frame and had to abort.
Also some room transition animation/keyboard things.

Thanks for commenting :slight_smile:

I’ll fix the typos for the next release.
The player object (ed) is just something I threw together, but that error you had…I don’t know what would cause that!?
I’ll investigate.

uh I cant open it, what is the file type?

It’s a Game Maker file. You need registered GM 6.1 to play.
Not a bad example, maybe I should post the tutorials I
made here.

can you use this with the unregistered version of gamemaker

Sorry, but no you can’t.

If you are gonna be that serious about a fangame get your hands on a registered version.

This example gets into the more advanced functions of Gamemaker.

Head scratching = Very Yes.


I had fixed the errors but I forgot to post it here :sweat:

here you go
Download mini-map Example (FIXED)

I build a new system has more functions, but it still has bugs.
When its done I’ll upload it too :wink: