Meta Ridley!

I finally finished making Meta Ridley! It took 3 hours!

Here it is:

I hope it’s alright!

PS- I put in Ridley step-by-step from how I made him. Obviously, the last image is the complete one.

EDIT: Compared to what other people made, my Meta Ridley is ugly. Any ideas on how to fix it? :confused:

I like it! but it needs shading.

It’s way too dark. I can hardly tell the difference between the right arm and the left leg.

The shape looks alright. Is it a cartoony style you’re going for?

EDIT: Here it is with more shading.

Ok, I’ll get right to work on it:

So I need to shade more, and make it lighter?


Not lighter. Meta Ridley is nearly black. Just add more contrast between shades.

And you forgot the crest on the back of his head. It’s missing in the official manga, but it’s been in every single game except M1, which had a totally different design anyway.

Um. One of his feet has three toes, the other has two…

And remember his chest thing that you shoot in Mp1
And I think he has some purple…

Aye, his arms and legs have some parts where his skin shows through the armor, and it be purple, arr! Fix yer sprite, matey!

The wings look… awkward. And what about a tail?

Thanks for the tips. I fixed the toe thing.

The shading, I don’t get.
Yes, I still have to do a tail.
The purple, that’ll be easy.
But the crest thing, I have no clue about.

Can someone plz help me edit it?

I may be able to do the crest for you if you don’t understand what we mean by crest.

His wings are also quite larger. Try making them longer, but not wider. Here, use this as a reference for the wings.

You might want to also give him a tail…

He said the tails coming soon.

Hmm… maybe make the head more distinguishable from the wing? Also, shouldn’t the wing be colored on both sides, not just on one of them?

Yes, there still is a whole lot more to do with Ridley.

I’m currently doing the tail, and yes, if anyone wants, they can go ahead and do that crest thing.

You can also do the purple stuff too, but nothing else, please.

Thanks for all that help!

EDIT: Using the picture, I tried making a crest thing, made a tail, and fixed the curved wings to be long and straight. I added some purple there, too. Hope it’s better.

DOUBLE EDIT: I made some minor changes and created fireballs. There are also different poses for the head.


Here is a checklist of problems I had with Ridley:

needs shading.
too dark
tell the difference between the right arm and the left leg
more contrast

some purple*
have some parts where his skin shows through the armor*
a tail*
wings are also quite larger*
make the head more distinguishable from the wing*
wing be colored on both sides*

  • means that the problem there was fixed.

Meta Ridley-
65% Complete


Along with Baby Sheegoth, is there anything else wrong with Ridley that you can thinf of?

I’ll add it all on the checklist.

No double posts.

:blush: Whoops…

My first double post…

Well, anyway, Dazzy, did I make the “crest” thing right on Ridley?

What’s a “crest”??

Maybe, it’s the horn looking thing on the head. On the second Ridley, it looks weird.

I may have to fix that.

Also to my checklist, someone said the teeth of my Baby Sheegoth are weird…

Anyone know how to fix that, too?

I need help… :cry:

Lol, it’s been a couple of days, so I think I can double post…

Well, Daz said that Metroid Prime’s Essence form was already made, so I then thought of making the exoskeleton.

I still have to make more poses and all, but here’s what I have so far…

Any tips/ constructive critisism?

I still have to add more shading, fix the top part of Metroid Prime, and make more frames, so please don’t say any of the three things I just mentioned.

Wow, for your level that is great! Still, the orange on the first one should be yellow and the face is too exposed…

Why are you making him face on?! He is supposed to be side on. That would look retarded in a 2D side-scroller game. Also, he is WAY too small. He has to be at least twice as big as that in order to look right against the Samus sprites.

Dark Samus, there’s nothing wrong with it being head on (so’s the Parasite Queen) plus there’s no way to size it accuately to Samus in game because it’d be too big for the screen. How can you kill it if you can’t even see its face or dodge its shots? Besides, is this even going to make it into p2d?