Merry Christmas!!!

hey guys, tomorrow is Deceber, 24.

sooooo, Merry Christmas to you all guys!!!

if you want, post here your perfect Christmas present!
and give merry christmas to everyone too!!! XD

^~V Go! P2D Go! V^~

my perfect Present is Wii with Zelda and Metroid…

uh?.. dude metroid prime 3 isn’t out yet

this is the “perfect” present, don’t need to exist at all

i want a power suit too, with a varia upgrade of course…

merry christmas! if im lucky, i have a slim chance of getting a DS!

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all!

shit i forgot to say merry christmas ‘n’ such

merry xmas…

theres only 1 thing that stopped this xmas being good for me…

its not the wii ive got that, just somin MUCH more serious…

perfect present…the wii, and i got it! it was such a surprise, my parents said i was maybe not going to have a wii but they were sold out every where so after we started unwrapping the gifts and when we were finished my mom said: " there is one more gift"
and she takes out a wii! i was So surprised! and then my brother said " if i was an old man i would have heart attack now. But i told one of my friends and the dont trust me.

oh well!

                  :smiley:>     MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!   :smiley:>

Merry christmas. I got money, ALL of which I have to save.