Members Unite!

I propose that we have a massive meeting of everyone on the forums here. It would be awesome to see, say, about 50 members on at one time. I’m not estimating any numbers, this is just an example. I also propose that we agree on a set date for said meeting to occur. I’m thinking during March of 2008. That way, we will have plenty of time to get the word out, as well as set a specific date. So, who’s with me?

Erm, why would we do that?

Why not?

Make it earlyish, like 2PM, else time difference is a problem for me.

What about me and the other people in England ???

I’m sure they’d feel very left out without a plane ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s kind of coincidental, though. I was planning on going on a trip to see 58 again in March, and I never go anywhere on trips.

Of course, it’d probably be easier for everyone to make it somewhere a little while after summer begins, mainly due to the fact that school is in the way.

Well, I’m from Britland, about 2PMish for Americans is about 7PMish for me, and I can make that, easy.


Yeah, but it’s to be assumed that the gathering would be in the USA or perhaps southern Canada, so good luck paying for a plane ticket. :stuck_out_tongue:


See, what I thought we might do is just make it a all-day thing. So that way, no matter where you live, at some point, you could join in.

You bring up a good point. During the summer would be better. So maybe we just push it back until July?

I’m confused. What exactly is the point of this? >_>

Uh…to see how many people can be on in one day. I saw the little “the most members on was (insert #) on (insert date)” thing, and thought, "Hey, maybe we can get that thing to be higher than before. I just thought it would be kinda cool to get everyone on on a certain day.

Oh, you didn’t mean physically meeting. That’s what I was thinking the whole time. :laughing: But yeah, that’s pretty much pointless unless everyone’s really bored that day and has nothing better to do but post on a forum. :stuck_out_tongue:

Physical meeting? You have any idea how risky and controversial that would be?

Absolutely, seeing that I’ve done it at least three times, not to mention the fact that the RCMT (Radio Controlled Monster Trucks) forums met at least once every year. I went with my brother once when he met with the other forumers.

And it’s not like we’re all perverts, right?
Still, a physical meeting, not a chance.
Virtual, why the hell not.

Are you by chance new to the internet?

You never know what kind of person someone could be behind their screen name.

Mason right up there could be a child molestor pretending to have gone to those things, and I could be a serial killer.

I can say with fairly reasonable certainty that we are not, but you have nothing to go by but word of mouth of complete strangers.


But what if we are not a serial killer ?

Daz, I think you forget that 4chan meets every year. And no one’s been raped yet. Even though it’s frickin’ 4chan.

… I cannot forget what I didn’t know. Interesting.

But that said, that’s a much bigger place, so it’d be more populated and publicized.