Meh: where did it start???

Where did “meh” start?? I hear it all the time, and while mainly from Daz, ive noticed alot of other people saying it. But where did it start?? I assume its a variation of “eh” or, “well…” etc. but when/where did it start.

I know, this is one of the strangest topics ive ever started on any forum.

Woah, I just found out there’s a place called Wiktionary. <_<;

That says what it’s mostly used for, but usually I just use it when it sounds good. Meh, I dunno.

its kinda like shrugging your shoulders, and being halfhearted.

Meh, that sounds about right. I never really got into the simpsons, so i dunno. Meh, i kinda like meh.

meh is just meh…its not specific, nor is it as versatile as the f-word, it generally is just…yaknow…nothing…its kinda apathetic…

you mean fuck? that word can be used for many many things. pretty much anything.

I like the Slovenian def on wiki, your right Daz does ‘meh’ alot.

soltare and zub can be used for many different things, but soltare is built more toward a mild insult.

If you ask me, I think it evolved from Flash animators. I animate in Flash a lot, and I know quite a bit of animators, and they say it all the time…It was sometime after that, that I noticed other groups of people started saying it. But I say it all of the time outa habit. Sometimes I actually say it in the “real world” … “away from the computer” … Like my mom tells me to do something

It’s like I have a choice of what to say to her. It’s either SHUT THE FUCK UP. Or just Meh.

kinda like a sigh or a groan right?

it is a sign of little concern, for instance, if something bad happens, but you dont care enough to do anything about it (you come home from work/school, and there is a rampaging monkey on your ceiling…you just kinda shrug, say “meh” and get on the computer)

Well said.

lmao, yes, a perfect example of everyday life!