Megaman Poll

What is the best Megaman Game Ever

  • Megaman
  • Megaman 3
  • Megaman 7
  • Megaman X
  • Megaman X3
  • Megaman X5
  • Megaman X Command Mission
  • Megaman Zero
  • Megaman Legends
  • Megaman 5 (Gameboy)
  • MegamanX 8
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I didn`t put any of the crappy Battle Network games. Also I only put the decent Megaman games. DECENT! :smiley:

If you’re going to put a poll on opinions, don’t base your poll choices on your own opinions. IMO, Legends 1 sucks and Battlenetwork kicks ass. So what do I vote then, hm? Megaman 2 is far better than 3 yet it’s not on there.

Meh, X8 is the best of them all anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

sorry… battle Network four wasnt bad... I just couldnt beat it… :cry:

Legends isnt that bad either, the music sucks the graphic sucks and ... wait Im
supposed to be defending this :blush: Seriously… it isn`t that good but the new plotline I guess made it just likeable.

M2 is good but I like three because it has rush and protoman and all those cheats! :stuck_out_tongue:

What? No Megaman 2? I’m outraged and appauled. Boycotts

What about the Wily Wars for Mega Drive?! Come on, you can’t resist 16 bit remakes of Megaman 1-3!


How can you put Legends up there and not 2? Legends had to be the worst Megaman Game ever. I couldn’t even get into it for more than 20 minutes without ramming my head into the wall multiple times to kill my intelligence…

X: Command Mission?! WTF That game was only good for like the first part before you realized it was just legends only this time it kind of worked.

Where’s Megaman X2? Come on, you’re telling me you only liked X and X3 on SNES?! 2 Was the best one out of all those IMO. Also where’s X 4?! Damn it how can you not consider the one where you find out Dr. Wily Created Zero one of the best?! Where’s Megaman the power battles 1 and 2? Megaman arcade with a 1 on 1 fighting thing was kick ass. How could you not put that on there?

Yet I see Legends, Megaman 5(First off only 1-4 on GB ruled) made it. Honestly someone needs a lesson in Rockman taste.

I too also liked Rockman.exe (Battle Network) though the anime sucked, but anyway. Seriously dude, I’m not really flaming you, I’m trying to help…pick up a controller and play some more Megaman why don’t you.

BTW: I give you points for not including X7 since we all know that sucked.

X8? I hear mixed things, so I’ll go rent it one day. I still have to open Star Fox though…

Doh! (Slaps self) i wish I could edit polls now! I never beat megaman2 ever :blush:
Sorry… :blush:

So essentually this poll actually asks, “Which one of these Megaman games that I have beaten is your favorite?”

what megaman games i got is megaman 1 megaman 2 megaman battle network 1 megaman battle network 2 megaman network transmission megaman X4 megaman X5 megaman X6 megaman megaman zero 1 thats all :smiley:

Rockman Anniversery Collection is the best. (That’s esentially saying Rockman 1-9+the two Power Battle games are the best ^_^).

BTW: Interesting note: Ever notice how most of the things in Rockman deal with musical stuff? Rockman Roll (Rock and Roll) Bass and Treble(In the Jap they’re Fortet and I forget the dog’s name but they translate to Bass and Treble I believe). I forget the other refrences other than Blues(Protoman) maybe.

Treble’s name was Gospel, by the way.

What do you mean, mixed things abouti 8? Everyone I’ve talked to says it’s the best X ever. O_O

… Megaman 1-9? There IS no 9 >_>

And even if you are one of those dense fools who refuses to admit that M+B isn’t 9, it wasn’t on the collection.

I meant 8. Sorry, this keyboard is kinda small.

And yes I’ve heard mixed things about X8, but that’s probibly because people here judged it by what X7 turned out to be. I’m going to go rent it once I’m done with Star Fox and check it out though.

DarkBlade Shinobi said

No. Ive never beaten X command mission. The only megaman games I didnt beat were M2, M8, MZ, and the battle network games.

Edit: I just didnt feel like putting all those games. Ill put a new poll.

I haven’t played any Megaman games before so I feel really lost in your conversation…

If you want buy the Megaman Aniversery Collection! It`s for the Gamecube and has awesome and spooky ( Megaman the Show, cough, cough, shiver) Extras.

There are over 50 Megaman games. Don’t believe me? Search on Gamefaqs. It gives an ‘over 50 games–redefine search’ error.

A poll can’t handle that much. Just drop the poll idea altogether and discuss the games in posts. :smiley:

Or have a poll between Megaman, X, Battlenetwork, Legends, Zero, and Sidegames…

Dude ever play the ones on PC? Those are really a trip if you ever get a chance I reccomend trying them out. I think the underdogs might have them for download as freeware. (Yes it’s a legal site because they take down the games that are still copyrighted).

There are a lot! If you want to see them all go to The Megaman Homepage I mean theres a monoply style board game one. Theres 2 handheld games made by Tiger. Theres a game based on the the Tv Show. Theres a soccer one…blah blah blah…blah blah blah…blah blah blah…blah blah blah…blah blah blah… :smiley:

Battlenetwork does not suck, I love the new style, Never tried x8, heard X7 was bad, but Megaman X is the BEST, oh and you are missing Megaman Zero, I love the new Zero and the story, yah no offense but if you make a poll yo should include all the games :metroid:

Again, not possible.

How would it be impossible? just wondering wouldnt it be:

Megaman 2
Megaman 3
Megaman 4
Megaman 5
Megaman 6
Megaman 7
Megaman 8
Megman I
Mega Man II
Mega Man III
Mega Man IV
Mega Man V
Mega Man & Bass

Megaman X
Megaman X2
Megman X3
Megaman X4
Megman X5
Megaman X6
Megaman X7
Megaman X8
Megaman Extream
Megaman Exream 2
Megaman Zero
Megaman Zero 2
Megaman Zero 3

Megaman Battle Network
Megaman Battle Network 2
Megaman Battle Network 3
Megaman Battle Network 4

Megaman Legends
Megaman Legends 2

Wow quite a big list :O_O: but thats the consle games, not the Arcade or special ones

There’s also:

PC(These aren’t ports):
Megaman 1
Megaman 2
Megaman 3


Megaman the Power Fighters 1
Megaman the Power Fighters 2


Megaman Soccer
Megaman: The Wily Wars (Megaman 1-3 on Genesis)