Media players

Does anyone know any media players that can watch movies,store photos,and listen to music besides an ipod?I want an ipod but my dad won’t let me get one so maybe if i find a cheap one it would be awsome!

well…a psp does that… microsoft is coming out with a “zume” which is like an ipod…and for a cheaper ipod just get one with less memory…

try ipod shuffle. its like $40-60.

Try “Creative”. I’ve heard they’re much better.

i have an ipod shuffle. it only plays music. and theres only 4 models.

black 512mb
white 512mb
black 1gb
white 1gb

ipod shuffles that are 512mb are 75$

I can’t get an ipod or psp.I already have a shuffle but i want something to watch movies with.

maybe an ipod nano??? they come with itunes (free) and they play games(like pacman), store photos, play music and now you can put pixar short movies.( there kinda funny…

ipod nano’s dont play any games except “music quiz” … which sucks… the only ipod that plays games is ipod video. theres a device called the homebrew player taht does all this… it has really wierd name… i’ll post it when i find it.

nope, nano’s play games! they play music quiz and parachute, but you can get more on itunes!

no my friend has the remastered ipod nano and the old one, trust me it doesnt play any decent games that aren’t third party…besides he wants something plays videos too. anyways and ipod video with 20gb is pretty good for what you want…

He said he can’t get an IPod…

I hate myself for saying this, but IRiver Clix might be a good one for you… 2 gigs of space, plays movies, around $150. But I hear that the screen has a big problem with smudging easily. And I hate myself for saying it because I hate IRiver. No real reason, I just do…

yes try Creative players there are a crapload and they are cheaper than ipods. i like ipods beter but if you cant get one, go with a creative.