i started making a design for the mecha samus helmet, i think it would be cool to get a few opinions before i start to add shading/lighting.

here is the helmet up to date-

here is the image progression

and here is a ball…

just…dont ask…

also, i made this comic that is against sprite stealing/claiming.

please let me know what you think of the mecha-helmet, so i can finish it up, and start to make it. :smiley:

lmfao i remember that its awsome.

so um…what do you think of the helmet?

good design!

oh great… EVERYONE can sprite but me… I need to learn this crap so I can sprite as well…programming and Level Design isin’t enough for me <.<

also, i am willing to do requests for sprite improvement.

for instance, you send me a sprite with a basic outline, ill color it, shade it, create light sources, glow, whatever, i need the practice so…

also, i can also sprite rip if you really need a small bit of sprites from zero mission.

new sprite:

finished the basic mask-

updated pictures as well

Are you in the process of adding something to the helmet or is that a shadow? (I’m referring to your avatar) It looks nice and clean.

I can’t sprite… :smiley:

is mecha samus what ur putting in ur metroid 2 remake ?

…you will find out in the demo, that is that last time i will say so.

lol. k, cool avatar tho, i only drew samus once in my life and that was when super metroid was the newest metroid and a drew a samus “rainbow suit” :stuck_out_tongue: i was very young :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah…i started out extremely gifted at drawing, and now, i cant draw crap, lmao.

um…your still up?

what does “your still up” mean?

it was like 2 a.m. when that was posted, i was surprised anyone was up…


i don’t remember that being 2:00 am…maybe my time zone is off from yours?

btw your sprite comic is awesome

most likely different time zones…

anyways, how come you dont make some sprites?

i can’t sprite. I SUCK!!

At the time that was written, you werent on these forums. -_^. But you’ll probably start a sprite thread eventually, then we can teach you.

i dont make sprites because mine suck and will never be used…because they suck

That’s why there is something called “practice” ya know?