Mecha kraid...

y know, we might be able to do Mp4 with a mecha-kraid?


Possible though, maybe we would make an MP42D game…Just for the sake of making a game…

RE:I now think custom metroid would be suitable.

…There is no MP4. Or Mecha Kraid.

Look at the edited post.

Nah, p2d will be the only game we make, no mp2 2d, mp3 2d or anything else…

Then close the topic.

Aren’t you the same people working on MP 2-D? If not than meh.

Hey in theory mecha kraid could be added to mp 2d because nintendo was going to put him in metroid prime 1 they had the character model and everything is on wikipedia if you enter kraid but due to time constraints they put omega pirate instead which in my opinion is a worse choice but then again at least samus could survive omega pirate falling on her i mean if mehca kraid fell on her god you wouldnt be worrying about getting a new suit maybe a few new limbs to start and work from there but yah mecha kraid would rock.

Deadlines ruin games.