May the Sun be with you.

I bear news of a truly wondrous event that undoubtedly a handful of you at most know or care about. On November 22nd, the fan translation of Shin Bokura no Taiyou, third in the series that Hideo Kojima himself, the legend behind such sagas as Metal Gear Solid, holds within his heart as his personal brainchild, will be released to the public for all the enjoy. What a thrilling run-on sentence, you should all be delighted. The point, as it were, is that this is the best damn thing ever. Greater than peanut brittle, more powerful than a locomotive, Boktai will rock your socks right out of your shoes and you should all run clamoring to your closest game stores to buy it right now. Why, I hear your dubious and mistrusting voices ask, have you not heard of it? Because the bitter truth is that the majority of gamers are horrible fat lazy sluglike creatures who don’t want to travel out into the world lit by our mother Sun, which as it turns out Boktai requires. Necessitates, even. And so they have dragged poor Boktai down into obscurity. It is to weep.

But enough meaningless hemming and hawing from my gaping maw. Feast your eyes upon this forum when the fateful day comes. Iron your best writhing-in-glee outfit. Tell your friends. Be the first on your block to collect the whole set. Go nuts.

Yoshi, please don’t make meaningless spam posts like that. Too bad we haven’t settled on the new warning system yet, or you could’ve just broken it in.

Not precisely the positive response I was hoping for.

If it helps to clear up any confusion, Yoshi’s post was apparently deleted.

Yeah… I probably should have just edited it, sorry.

But hell, all it said was “GOLDEN SUN!!”, which is completely off-topic and spammy in every way. >_>

Technically, they do both involve the sun. But really.


Yeah, that was my point, they both involved the sun as major game mechanics. That, and I just hit the -power- button on my keyboard, and thought ‘Oh dear’.
In any case, I’ve never particularly enjoyed Boktai…

Oh? Why not? Did you get exhausted with the copious content and replay value? Was the musically orgasmic twang of the Old West inspired music overwhelming your senses? Perhaps the tactical openness, deep and involving boss battles and broad weapon selection was too awesome? :astonished:

err, no, I live in England.

So do some of the most renowned Boktai players. You just need to give 150% and go for the gold! If the boiling waves of smog haven’t killed them yet, there’s nothing you can’t do! Or some such thing.

Meh, I never thought the gameplay was anything special, to be brutally honest.

Preposterous. It must be the smog talking. Will you still feel the same once you’ve watched a boss battle out of nowhere?


The whole ‘sunlight’ thing just seemed a bit gimmicky, and the rest of it simply wasn’t up to par wih things like FFVI, or Chrono trigger.

Can you really compare a stealth shooter/melee with a turn-based rpg?

Yes, I can.
Yeah, I tend to compare things in terms of entertainment and fun, rather than genre.

Sartan, I suggest you learn the definition of “opinion” and leave him alone.