mario vs sonic

mario? or sonic?

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  • sonic
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i reckon mario, coz he has fireballs, mushrooms, stars, and the winged cap, and more stuff than sonic.

lol, most stupid topic ever…

sonic has invinibility as well, sonic can get hit as long as he has rings, sonic is covered in razor sharp quills, sonic isn’t a plumber…

i still say mario. they have some funny flash comics about mario vs sonic. mario is cooler.

indeed. mario could render sonics speed useless, by pulling 5 turnips outta the ground and getting the timestop thingy. then mario could KILL SONIC!

sounds about right. because mario has so many options. he can jump, use fireballs, use a tail. he has so many suits and powerups.
and he has yoshi!

besides, sonics spin dash wont work. mario dodges coopa shells, there basically the same. and yoshi could eat sonic.

Sonic. Mario is just a fat plumber that has a bad habit of eating mushrooms. Can someone named Mario Mario have a chance against the fastest thing alive?

Ya Sonic would just get all the Chaos Emeralds and byebye Mario

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And I think sonic wins… Mario’s a two hit kill.

Theres a game where mario fight against sonic, i think on caimen they might have

Wrong. Mario can take up to three hits, five if he puts a good item in his select box in a few games. And he has, like, six or so life points in the 3d games, right? Sonic only has two hits as well, unless he gets a lot of rings back, and that can be tricky.

Well, Mario gets killed by evil mushrooms <_<;

because there are so many different types of mario and sonic games you really have to specify which version of them you mean. cause the 3D sonic could beat the 2D mario, but the 3D mario could beat the 2D sonic. and so on. chaos emeralds? i dont think he would have that much time to go collecting.

mario can take a couple hits. and sonic just doesnt have that many attacks at his disposal. mario has a lot of options, defence and offence.

Have you played any of the following games? Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Rush, Sonic the Fighters (I guess this doesn’t really count), or Sonic Advance 2. If you have then you know Sonic has quite a few attacks not to mention shields.

Sonic 3 And Knuckles, welcomes you to the world of the flame shield.

Any fire projectile bounces off.

What’s Mario going to do then? Jump on Sonic to death? Sonic could run away, or even just do the dashing with the fire shield. Mario would never get a hit on Sonic before Sonic could get a hit on Mario… 80 times.

Okay, 80 is an exxageration, and if the player/AI was being dumb it could really change who would win.

lol, another person who remembers the good ol sonics from genesis? all right, cool, and yeah, that is a point, the shields are really cool too.

And Super Mario vs Super Sonic would be fun to watch.

plays super sonic theme in head

Mario Vs Sonic

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