mario power tennis

mario power tennis is one of my favourite game i like it much much much really much :smiley:

Please elaborate.

what sorry im not so good a english

I like Mario Power Tennis, but IMO, Nintendo is starting to drag the series to a bad fate like the Mario Party series.

1-Metroids-2: Why is it an awesome game?
Veris: What is happening to the series?

its awsome because it have a good intro movie special game like vs mecha bowser and much more

Umm…you do realize this is only the 2nd Mario tennis game, right? That doesn’t count the crappy GameBoy color mario tennis, either. That was just dumb.

IMO, Nintendo seems to drag everything out anymore :frowning: Unfortunately there are so many examples of this fact that it scares me :>_>:

You know what spawned this right? Mario was the referee in the NES and GB Tennis games.

Honestly I really don’t like how they’re making Mario do all these lame sports games. Mario Kart was awesome fine. But Mario doesn’t need to Golf, Party, Play Tennis, be a pinball(kirby ripoff), and last (but not least) he definately shouldn’t and doesn’t need to DDR.

Metroid’s going down that same road.

Oh yeah if it wasn’t obvious, I hate this game for that reason.

Aura, I saw that too… No offense, but if that gets through it might destroy Metroid’s reputation as one of the best games ever in my book. The reason? Because simple-minded fools can’t take on the legacy of this great game.

I’ve only ever played two Metroid games… I’m a disgrace! :cry:
I don’t think I’ll ever get Mario Power Tennis. Just not my type of game.

That was unexpected…

mario power tennis is not that bad well with the graphic from the intro movie in it they could makea real mario movie

Real Mario movie=no-no.

Already been done…

That’s not real. Just trash.