Mario Kart DS.

Talk about Mario Kart DS and all of it’s greatness! :smiley:

At least it seems great by the Game Spot article…

I bought it yesterday. They could have worked on the Wi-Fi a little more…But thats not what’s great about the game. You can play many level’s from the old Mario kart games, and they’ve added lot’s of new cool thing’s.

I have the game. Its pretty fun. I do agrea with MF,
the Wi-Fi part could have been beter. I still enjoy
playing online though.

Yesterday I bought MKDS and it rock dude can’t play wi fi my computer is having problems with the installations :cry: :cry: but I’m gonna fix it tommorow :smiley:

Mario Kart DS is very good, got it for christmas and have been playing ti non stop since. Its good to finally have it online aswell, games like Mario Kart just scream for online play.

I beat the game in a couple of hours. Maybe that’s because of all my days spent playng double dash.

I got it today and its fun bring back memory of the N64 mario kart. 8)

Too bad the graphics don’t bring you back. This time theyt use actuall models not sprites… and sometimes it feels to me like I’m playing on the Game Cube.

uuuhh, didn’t they use models on MK64?

They used sprites.

Whatever they used, it looks pretty good if you ask me.

A sprite is a 2D graphic that is overlayed on an object in a game. A model is a 3D graphic that is overlayed on an object in a game.

Mario Kart = 3D game.

Go look it up - it’s all in the dimensions. A model is 3D, a sprite is 2D.

Then… It’s a model sprite? :stuck_out_tongue:


Urge… to… kill…


(just kidding. :smiley:)


I was joking also, so no killing shall be brought about today. :smiley:

Whew, that’s good. I’m all killed out. After killing those midgets in that alley and bludgeoning a few… or… phans… to… er… I mean, of course I’m not a vicious murderer! No, not at all! Totally innocent!!

runs away VERY QUICKLY


There is a Rainbow Cup but its hard to beat the staff ghost to unlock it.

I’ve beaten every staff ghost in the game.

I only have two unlocked. Unbeaten.


Well, since this it the MKDS topic, I thought I’d post this here:

On an official NP magazine, I found that you can have the R.O.B as a kart racer!