March Mayhem at The Escapist (2011 Update)

If you don’t already know, at The Escapist (where Zero Punctuation is) there is a competition to vote for the best developer. In the semifinals, Bioware went up against Blizzard and Bioware won, but on the other side of the draw was Valve. They faced the unexpected underdog opponent- Zynga. Everyone was flipping a shit about Zynga not only being part of the competition but also how they got to the semifinals. Valve started barely ahead and it kept going back and forth. Twice Zynga had a major rush, probably by advertising on Facebook, and 4chan even got involved to boost Zynga’s vote count. Dozens of members were banned or put on probation, but in the end Valve pulled through with a little over 5% more.

The topic for the round.

The Escapist.

Aww it’s already over…

At least Valve won.


I know they’re planning to take over the world, but at this point, I really don’t care. :stuck_out_tongue:

YEAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Zynga finally goes down!!!


Mass Effect>Half Life

I have got to say Mass Effect = Half Life. Both do their respective genre insanely well.

Bioware’s games combined = Valve’s games combined. But then there’s Steam.

please ban me.

Which happens to have Bioware games.

So does “please ban me” automatically change to “Please ban me” or something now? Haha.

Also, Steam is sort of a middle ground. I just know I like playing Left 4 Dead a hell of a lot more than Dragon Age. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: I suppose that answers my question. No p l e a s e b a n m e for us.

I was torn between that and e.g. “I disagree.” Decided on the former eventually to show that I wasn’t doing it entirely just to be funny.

oh hey I typed it out

quoted for much truth

you missed one


ok, two

Any more you’d like to share?

none that i can think of that aren’t just incoherent babel

Clever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, it’s MM 2011 now, and we’re in an almost identical situation. Bioware and Blizzard are facing off again with Bioware winning, and Valve is in a really close, intense match with the underdog. But this time, the underdog, instead of Zynga, is someone a little more popular with the “real” gamers. Mojang.

Here’s the bracket so far.

Vote in the Blizzard vs. Bioware (not that it’ll make a difference).

Vote in the Valve vs. Mojang.

It’s looking like a dev that has only ever made one game is going to win, I honestly don’t know how I feel about that.

I think it’s completely unfair to Valve, Minecraft is addictive and popular but they didn’t put nearly as much time and work into it as Valve has into all their games. The vote is completely biased on what’s “cool” these days, and because of this, nobody considers how much work was put into the actual development of the games. I’ll bet even Farmville could get people to vote for its developer solely on popularity.

They did last year.

While I agree with Lilium, isn’t it just sort of par for the course? I mean, any poll where the subject matter is “Which of these two things is better” is just going to end up being a popularity contest anyway. Right now, Minecraft is a big deal, but the hype will die down, just as it does with everything else.

I guess my point simply is that all contests like March Mayhem depend on how many fans a company/game has. And right now, everyone and their dog is obsessed with Minecraft. Hell, I got my mom hooked on the game for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, that’s what Valve gets for no Episode 3.

Anyway, the finals are going now, Bioware vs. Mojang, of course.

And on a somewhat related note, Valve recently announced for fans not to give up on Half-Life at the same time that Game Informer said their next cover story would be a highly anticipated sequel. I’m hoping so hard.