Maps, and GUI stuff :p

Took about 15 minutes. Mind you, I’ve never played Metroid prime past the chozo ruins, so if anything is off, point it out, and I’ll fix it. Also, Feel free to comment or criticize :slight_smile:


That looks kick ass, but the map for impact crated doesn’t look like that exactly, i’m too tired and lazy to tell you what it looks like right now though.

Wow, that looks very good!

Ive seen your other sprites :wink: theyre awesome.
Would you like to be in the team? right now were in need of backgrounds for space pirate frigate (specifically from room 10 ahead). Some of them are done, though.

We will also use your maps, of course, if you allow us :wink:.

I was hoping you guys would. I’d love to join the team, you just needa point me in the direction you’d like me to go with screenshots or official art.

For more info on what to sprite, reffer to the “Space pirate frigate thread” over or the sprite thread (the one with 300 something pages). Theyre over the prime 2d section.