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If you want help, you’ll have to say what you need help with.

Cool ideas, though. The wrapping adds a few twists here and there. I think I beat it. :stuck_out_tongue:

if someone could make better sprites it would help, maybe give some ideas for levels or i could send someone who wants to make levels the engine.also, how do i make slanted walls? when i tried the character just got stuck in them.

Wow, it’s been a long time since i made this topic, but i’ve come a long way. anyway, I have been working on this game for a while and I’m ready to release a huge demo! I would like to gather a team, not a big one, but enough to finish the game. All I need right now are spriters and level designers.

Here is a demo:


i detect a large amount of win in this sector

I shall help wik sprites.

Sure, first can you upgrade the look of the main character? Keep it as diamond, but see if you can make it look cooler.

Well, i added a link to the official site of my game, no it’s not another invisionfree forum. i just want my game to look more professional.

Lern2image tag.

EDIT: Fun game. REALLY buggy though…

And it needed some kind of dying. I think it would look nice with a green smoke effect-

oh sorry, i know how to image tag, but imageshack changed their links, they have all this weird garbage in them and i only recently figured out how to use the new links. Phlake, i will use your sprites and give credit. Do you want Phlake Jr. in the credits? or your real name, or both like Phlake Jr./(real name here) anyway thanks!

ya i hate how imageshack changed that. i always just take them out to spite them… I DONT WANT TO LINK TO YOUR STUPID WEBSITE =<

Go to “Show advanced linking” at the bottom and use the URL that it says not to use for forums.

And you can just use Phlakes for the credits.

I would like to announce that i have received a kickass new computer and therefore i shall be able to continue work on Maniac Puz-WHA? A NEW UPDATE HAS BEEN RELEASED AND THE LINK CAN BE FOUND IN THIS VERY POST?!! That’s right, I am proud to present an epic update to Maniac Puzzle!

What’s New?

You can now switch between 3 different characters at any time during the game. What’s the point you may ask? That’s a very good question. It’s all a matter of abillities you see. The differences are listed below:

Green Polygon:

Has the hightest jump of the 3. His gun fires at a medium rate with a medium bullet speed. He can move at a normal rate.

Blue Polygon:

Is the fastest of the three. He is useful for jumping across gaps. He is also slightly smaller than the Green Polygon. His jump is a bit shorter than the Green Polygon. He fires tall shots at a medium rate, but due to their size, they cannot fit through tight areas. they are slower as well.

Red Polygon:

Moves at the same speed as the Green Polygon. He is slightly larger than the Green Polygon thus making him heavier and unable to jump as high as the Blue and Green Polygons. However, he has a grip abillity that allows him to catch onto ledges withought slipping off them. He fires thin bullets at machine gun rate and his bullets move at high velocity. His bullets can warp from one side of the screen to the other.

Also, two new difficulty levels have been created, Hard and Impossible. Hard remains unchanged, but you better watch out, impossible lives up to it’s name. Impossible has not been completed yet and so only the first few levels have been changed.

Now for controls: all remain the same with the addition of 1,2,3 wich allow you to swap characters. 1=Blue 2=Green 3=Red

Be warned, when shrinking, you will not be able to swap characters. You will remain small with the abillities of the character you are using (minus the gun) until you can grow into your normal size.

Rumor has it that pressing a certain button grants you the powers of the allmighty…

Now, the moment you have been waiting for…THE LINK!

Um… help?

Spoiler alert:

that’s because that’s as far as the game goes for now, I’m still in the process of making levels. don’t worry. Also, i think i forgot to mention that backspace brings you to the previous level and enter restarts the current level.

But if so, then “impossible” deserves a new title :3

why? and what do you mean?

I mean it isn’t impossible. :stuck_out_tongue:

i’ve only converted about 12 out of the 35 levels to impossible, that’s why.