maniac maze

i am making a maze game with game maker. here is the demo,please give feed back.

thats funny.everyone is taking so long to post that i already finished the game.

Nobody posts because this game sucks, the movement is sloppy, and you used game maker’s default graphics.

they should atleast post that it sucks if it sucks.still, i have greatly improved the game since i put up the beta,the only graphics that are the default game maker graphics are the recolored spheres.


You control a crazed maniac who is trying to escape the mental institute.There are several levels and each one gets harder.You must make your way out of the cold steel maze withought getting caught.

new stuff in full version:

2 player mode:now you can play with a friend. an example would be is that one player gathers the keys while the other makes his way to the exit.

guards: they are red spheres.they move at the same speed as you do making escape more difficult.

hounds:they are purple 4 pointed stars.they and move faster than you.

elite guards:they are green spheres.they move slightly faster than you and can pass through pipe-like walls.

turrets:they shoot bullets in a straight line at you.

false blocks:they are mini versions of the X shaped can pass through them,but no enemies can.


player one:arrow keys
player two:w,a,s,d

press “R” to restart current level
press “T” to skip level
press F10 to pause game
press F5 to save game
press F6 to load game

this is the first time i use game maker and so this is my first game.that is probably why it sucks.

The X blocks are defaults too.
And winrar=fail

no,i made them from scratch, they are very simple.

Then why are they exactly the same?

oh!woops! i was thinking of the version i made before this was one that mistake. :sweat:

Well, I’ll make you some sprites.
EDIT: If you show me the sprites of everything, I can make the ones I’m doing look better


old is top picture, new is bottom picture

i will pm you the engine.

Why would anyone want an engine of this?

Why does the game keep running when you are dead? It’s quite annoying…

you asked for the sprites.i dont know how to take them out of the game.i sent you the engine.because the sprites are in stop complaining.

the sequel is almost done.


you… need… better… sprites… or else your game won’t appeal to others.

Okay, i posted this topic a really long time ago and im sure no one is interested anymore, but give this new completely redone Maniac Maze a chance. All sprites are custom done,fixed a lot of glitches, hav’nt added sounds or music yet, but those things are coming soon. I just finished this demo today.around a few minutes ago.


I need some help though, i dont have anything to record sounds and that is why there is no sound, and i need to know: how do i create teleports?

also, here is a screenshot:…reenshot100.PNG

For teleports, just change the location of the guy when he touches something.
Only problem I see is the controls are unbearable. It looks nice, though.

umm well, the graphics are… crappy?

the gm default ones were actually better lol

It looks fine for flash game type graphics…
It’s not ugly, just plain. Though, if you’re going to make a flash game, make it in flash.
Yeh, it costs money, but why should you let that hold you down…? >_>