where can I find the metroid manga?

It’s not out yet.

go HERE . i think they might have some, i’m not entirely sure though.

Metroid Manga, if it actually is coming out, would be the last straw. First Metroid Comics, then Pinball, and now Manga. Sheesh!

Manga’d actually be pretty good, but I cannot believe they’re really doing Pinball.

What’s wrong with manga? Haven’t you ever read Shonen Jump? Manga is awesome if done correctly.

Not to mention there have been Metroid manga long before the comics or the pinball. There was an old Super Metroid comedy manga, and then the e-manga for Zero Mission…

Where’s this e-manga for Z-Mission?

Hm… I don’t seem to have a link handy. Google it, I guess. It’s in Japanese, but I’ve seen fantrans.

As to Metroid Pinball, IGN said that it was really fun. Don’t know how trustworthy they are, though.