Management changes!

Due to problems with his computer, MH is incapable of using this forum to do a lot of things. You know, like, making posts. Because of this, and the fact that I’m the only commonly active staff member, he’s given me adminship. I feel awkward posting this, but he obviously can’t himself, so… yeah. Just thought y’all should know that. So in case you need admin help, don’t bother with MH, he can barely do anything any more, and the rest of us are fairly inactive.

MH, if you do read this, thanks again. I’m very honored you’d trust me with this task. :smiley:

And don’t worry y’all, I may have a bit of a short temper for certain users, but I won’t be, like, banning anyone just for posting a bit of spam. I know how to not abuse powers. ^.~

hey daz congratz on the admin ship!!! Just don’t ban me :laughing:

Knowing Daz, he doesn’t abuse his power and won’t ban you unless you do something pretty stupid or bad. :astonished:

This isn’t really a bump concidering how many topics are in this forum, but

LOL!!! Read the earlier conversation!

EDIT: I don’t really care if you warn me for this. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.


Okay, that is pretty amusing.

I’ll let it slide…this time. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I wouldn’t have done it if it was in a forum with more topics.

EDIT: Okay, I’m done bumping.

Congratulations, and…um… I’m gonna go hide under a rock now, so see yah ^^V;

No, not really. I don’t have any rocks big enough around here… :frowning:

Well, congratulations that he thinks that you deserve the role of admin and… stuff.
sigh 'smuch as I’m trying to cover up the uselessness of most of this post, I’m not gonna lie. I really only posted this for the rock comment.

well, I have a rock, but it’s only big enough for one person. BTW, I forgot to congragulate Daz about his adminship. Proly cuz I got here AFTER he was already an admin. Oh well.

Yeah, that’s another reason why my post was completely worthless :smiley:
so… yeh… shows what happens to me when I come up with a bad joke about a year to late. Not good.

Please stop spamming. >_> This is old news by now.

i couldnt find anywhere else to ask this, so:
how do you become a mod?

One tip would be to NOT ASK TO BE ONE!!! :sweat:

I mean really, you think that would be common sense by now…

I had to get off the comp right after Magmoor posted that, and I was ready to say the same thing. Thanks for covering for me. :smiley:

Basically, thats how it is on every forum.

And posting asking to be one is even worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

This of course, is just my opinion. >_>

EDIT : Erm, I shouldn’t have posted this. The add reply button tempted me to, however. Congrats on admin-dom, even if I was months late…

Asking to be one is the only way to guarentee that you never will be. Unless you get banned or something. But, y’know, discounting that.

Technically if you aren’t part of the p2d team, you have no chance of becoming a mod either.

And never asking does not really destroy your chances. If I never asked to be a mod I wouldn’t be right now. XD

what is the difference between mods and admins

Administrators, or admins, have acess to the admin control panel, or AdminCP, or ACP, whatever. This allows them to edit the forum as they please, but only the main admin, member number 1, can delete the forum or edit the main admins account.

Moderators, on the other hand, can only do topic and post related functions, such as deleting posts, or warning a user. They keep the peace while the administrators aren’t around, basically.

The administrators can change the moderators powers too.


But you’re a major force behind the team. That guy was just some random newbie. Slightly different story. >_>

oh. i wasnt asking, just wondering if you like have to apply. :blush:

No, I can do much more than that. Observe my post count and title. <_<

Yeah, I have access to the admin cp too. I can ban, change names, everything.