So i was at the mall today and these really fine ladies were there, they were like 3 years older but i got the moves so i walked up with a couple of friends and we put on some axe deodarant on so we can smell really nice and we were like “sup, we got two beers we stole from jake’s dad, want to share em?” they said yes, so we went to jake’s car and there were five us including jake and we all drank the beer only to find out it was no-alcohol and the girls laughed at us and then we all kicked jake for allowing his dad to trick us like that.

so you got any mall adventure stories?

yea so this one time i was at the mall i mean gamesotp inside the mall and i saw this xbnox 360 and i started playing guitar hero this girl was there so i put on my moves very hod move started rocking it out ya know she looked interested so i figured id pull some moves on her. yea she didnt look legal but who cares lol i was bored so I sprayed myself siwth some axe body spray and ate some gum because that fies ur breath right well anyways i did that an went up to her and said ‘can i see ur gamertag’ and she says sorry shes not interested so lol i get pissed off leave the mall and slashed her tires, lol.

I totaly understand.
This one girl at my school how is hawt and stuff, i aske for her gamertag so we can play some halo 3 and she was liek “pffft, who plays halo 3? GoW FTW”
i later called the cops on her telling she had a knife, they found 10 grams of coke on her.

lol with this other girl she was walking around the mall with her dog i went up to her and asked her if she wanted to hang out and eat some chicken with me she says no so i get a little angry and accidentally thretened to kill her dog on accident lol ts just kind of a joke well not really but after i like to think of it that way well i had to go cause i think a cop was watching you no me i get in toruble a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

edit hey man thanks good to no im not the only one guess thee things happn all the time lol

reminds me of a time i went to the mall with my mom and she was all liek “yo, stop slapping woman’s asses” and i was liek “STFU OMG STOP”
so i went to the food court and i saw a fat grl eating food and i ask her “I GOTS PLENTY OF MEAT DOWN MY PANTS!” and she call the mall security on me and now i’m banned from the west oak mall. i still sneak in though.

dude your crazy best ill do is folleow her home i better stay away form you hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

worst part was that i actually had a cheeseburger in my pants i forgot about. now my closet smells like mcdonalds.