Make your sexy DS even sexier!

Have a DS, but think the silver color is boring? Look no further than here. All the skins are $10 or lower, which is cool considering the great quality the skins come in:,194.html

There’s even a link at the top of the page to download the skin template. You make your own in photoshop, send it to them in an e-mail, an pay for your own custom skin! :smiley:


I’m probably going to buy this skin. You know you’re all jealous. Thanks go out to MT for his wallpapers. :slight_smile: (If anyone can tell me how to get that Luminoth to match the blue in MT’s wallpaper, please tell me)

Sweet. I’ll definately look into this.

Also you’re using photoshop correct? If you take the luminoth layer and hit ctrl+b then play with the color sliders you should beable to make it match the same blue as the wallpaper.

(I started playing with the image and was able to do it:

In Photoshop: * Select the layer with the luminoth(If not, just use the lasso select tool and select the thing).

  • Ctrl+b will bring up the Color balence sliders. Make sure Preserve Luminosity is checked.
  • Use this combo(R G B is the order for the numbers):
  • Shadows: 0 +100 +100
  • Midtones: -100 -100 +100
  • Highlights: +1 +100 +100

Play around untill it’s the exact color but that should get you on your way.

Might just make me a space pirate skin… heh heh heh.

Check your PMs Daz. It’s been there for half an hour. >.<

You are my new god, Cynric.

I just e-mailed the PSD to your hotmail Daz. You might want someone with actual PS skill to make some backgrounds for it, because I don’t think the company does transparency, only plain white.

I’m gonna put them on the apocalypse green if possible, because that’s what I was gonna get before I saw the pirates.

What are these ‘skins’? Just decal things, or something more? Wouldn’t there be a way to just print it out and apply it without ordering one? >.>

you probably could, but it’s easier to get the right type of label paper. sticker paper wouldn’t peel off easy and taping it on would be ugly.

I don’t mind paying, so don’t think I wanna do it cuz I’m cheap or something. I just don’t want to wait for the delivery. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any way I could get that kinda paper?

There are lots of places you can buy random types of paper, but unless it’s at office max, you’ll probably have to wait for the paper to be delivered as well.

These are decals, yes. They peel on and off like the protective touch screen covers, and the site says they’re sturdy, so I guess they protect from scratches too. But like I said, I don’t think the company does transparency.

EDIT: I might get this one instead. The screen decals are MT’s orignal artwork, which just looks badass:

EDIT2: Check your Email Daz.

I don’t have a ds yet…Anyone have 200 dollars for a DS and SM64DS? I feel behind the technology curve.

SM64DS=win. Get teh munny any way possible. :smiley: Plus al the good games coming soon… ^o^

I sent them an e-mail to make this one:

I’m not sure what happens now, but I guess I wait for them to reply.

EDIT: Damn. They don’t do copyrighted images.

To contribute to the topic, obviously.

He deleted his post :frowning:

well that makes it a whole lot more confusing ;>.>

I must have this one it is the most awesome thing for a Ds possible.
This one :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, it’s really cheezy looking.

And MP2 isn’t even on the DS.

Sorry, I’ll have to pass. I haven’t played my DS in ages anyway.

Might go pick up Phantom Hourglass sometime.