make your own motivational poster!

go here:

and make a poster like these:

Lol. Giant spiders and awsome FTW. I might try…later.

Lol and ftw are not words, you idiotic moron! If they are supposed to be abbreviations, they need periods in between each letter, you loser! God, I guess you strive for failure by not only making a mistake once, but twice!

DAMN YOU! :whack:

These are clearly the greatest things ever.

if you are speaking of both the posters and the banning of ggerzakabillllz (oops, did i misplz that?) then yes, yes indeed they are.

in fact, because this topic is so short, your response can in no way be wrong, as nothing but pure awesomeness has occured in this topic to current date. (if you believe that gerbil’s last post was the above)

Wow. Those posters are pretty awesome. However, what is even more awesome is Grammatical Gerbil. He may have broken like, twenty rules in his spamming fest, but his posts are hilarious. I do wonder though…what does FTW mean?

(P.S. I am only wearing a single sock at this current moment!)

ftw= for the win!


and NOOB means


see, so next time you meet someone on a forum, be friendly, and call them a NOOB

n00b means an idiot who believes he is the only skilled one and wont take advice, usually new.
Newbie means new.

My gosh. Noob, n00b, newb, nub, and newbie are all the same word, just spelled/pronounced different and lazy ways. You people complicate things so pointlessly, and it’s not even right.

he was joking…

Sigged. I love this guy.

meh, if he was perfect then maybe it would be funny, but he isn’t, he makes mistakes while trying not too, making him somewhat of an a-hole without trying to be perfect, or being an a-hole just for laughs and not spelling anything right.

wonder what he is doing now…?

ima look him up on google and find where else he posts at.

It wouldn’t be funny if he was perfect, because then he would simply be conceited. As-is, he’s just unintelligent, and a lot of people find stupidity funny (hence Sponge Bob!).


About 19% of this topic has been on-topic so far. BEFORE this post. Yeah, the spambots and trolls were funny, but it’s gone too far here.