MAJOR question about the game!!!

In Metroid Prime 3D, to get the power bomb, you have to travel through a maze thingy. How the hell are you gonna be able to do that in 2D!?

It’s just another one of those things that will be worked out as they go. Perhaps they’ll make it vertical. Perhaps they’ll do something else.

They’ve got a class of people working on the project who handle this stuff - how to convert 3d things into 2d. They’ll work it out.

Top-down view?

Top down view wouldn’t look right in a Metroid game…

Strange, it seemed to work just fine in the 3D VERSION!! :sweat:

Overhead view seems like it’d work fine, as long as samus didn’t do anything verticaly or anything…

Not what I meant.

No way. It MUST be in a sidescrolling format. You guys have to think outside of the box (GameCube). The only reason they had the maze (and everything else) that way was because they had more options. You have to think how they would make it in a sidescrolling way, not a replica of the original. If you do it topdown, it wouldn’t be an original Metroid style game.

Yes, but it’s just for one little puzzle. I guess we could have a side-scrolling maze underneath that room, but that would be harder to randomize.

I just had a great idea! Why don’t you set it up so you can only see a bit around your morph ball during this puzzle. That would make it hard enough. And have it in regular Metroid style.

Only see a bit? No that sill isn’t metroid style… BUT, what if it was pitch black and you could only see around Samus like in Fusion? Of course, that would be odd since the laser barriers porduce light…

Hm, you’re right. Perhaps a bombjump platform sequence with laser walls like MP2 had?

That’s exactly what I meant.

Well how could I tell you were inferring light? I was thinking that you meant a zoomed in view! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I think that may be the only way. It’s obvious that major changes have to be made to accomodate actual gameplay. Now the only question here is what would the maze actually look like?

Yeah, the traditional 2D metroid vertical morphball maze style should work fine. Maybe even some secret passages and bombable blocks as well as the lazer things for length.

Whatever you do. Don’t make it boring. And not to long

I should have made it clearer - I didn’t mean a top-down view. I meant a sidescrolling one. Sorry.

But on this maze would you still be able to go down under the floor like in the real game.

Yeah, it will be like getting Springball on SuperMetroid. 'Cept much more maze material.