Mah Sprahts and Other Notable Works

Feel free to say anything you want, and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism would be appreciated. All are done in Paint and the first and last are touched up with Gimp.

I REALLY like those guns.

the first and last ones are NOT sprites

in addition, the guns are metallic. therefore their darks should be darker and their brights should be brighter. basically, when dealing with metal, i like to make my darkest close to black and my brightest close to white. contrast = good with metal.

another thing: your ball is shaded as if the light is coming from the camera. this is commonly called pillow shading and it doesn’t look that good when you sprite. Sprites are generally shaded with a light source from the top left.

i really like the first two swords on the top and on the bottom, also the guns are pretty neat…to give you a massive understatement

what’s that blue thing with the red x?

I don’t know, but it looks cool.

They are all pretty sweet phlake, especially the Master sword
Nice new Sig btw

The guns would look better without black borders, more contrast and less colours. This could apply to mosst of the stuff you do <=/
Practice will sort that out, don’t you worry :slight_smile:

i made the first version of the thing on the ceiling =D

phlake made it better xD

I made it smaller, not better.

smaller, better

either way it looks awesome now xD

The base is good but the colors have to go.
You should try something like this.





…That looks really freaking good.

ya he is a good spriter :smiley:

Yeah, I noticed Drools while staring at gun

too much time to spend in the cold swedish winters i guess? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha ha. Yep. :wink:


If anyone wants to color them, have fun.


They’re supposed to be a little futuristic.

Oy yeah, this too-

Nice! Just a bit of anti-aliasing here and there and it’ll look damn rad!

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Did you not see my photoshops topic?
That was a year and a half bump <_<;;

Edit: Fuck, forgot about that “on topic” thing.
The outlines look damn nice =D