Mag's 3D Stuff

Ok, so here I’m going to post all the cool 3D junk I make in blender.

Desert Grave is the first map I made using Blender, and is the first map by me in this kind of terrain: an outdoor, natural level. I must say, tools like the subsurface modifier are very handy, and that is why my map looks as good as it does, instead of being very square-looking. Now, I spent a lot of time with this model, but most of the small changes were deemed to not be worth saving. It took me a while to get the rocks to look right, and although I am happy with the final look, I am sure that it could have been done better.

Desert Grave is a rocky box canyon that fits into the desert biome. It features no plant life due to the extreme climate. This multiplayer map features an asymmetrical layout favored for use in gametypes such as capture the flag. Contained in this map are two bunkers that vary greatly from each other, multiple small box canyons, two short tunnels, and lots of large rocks jutting out from the ground.

So this has my first attempt at custom texturing, which is used on the ground. The textures used on rocks and bunkers are in-house textures.

Assault Spawn 1

Assault Spawn 2

Bunker 1

Tunnel 1

tunnel 2

Defence Spawn/ Bunker 2

Wow, looks like you’re getting the hang of textured terrain and objects already. Looks really cool. I’m sure you could make wonders if you had a large collection of great textures at your fingertips, because the modeling itself looks like it’s done pretty well.

yeah, that’s the main problem. its hard to judge it, like if its too small, or too big… but modeling doesn’t trouble me much, no. anyone see anything that should be changed? or some form of revision?

Very nice might i add i like the tunnel the best.

Tippmann 98

This is the model of one of my paintball guns, the well-loved Tippmann 98. The Tippmann 98 is the best choice for most beginning players as it is cheap (about $100) and very reliable. It is basically the AK-47 of paintball guns.

No, this is a pretty complex model. It features the body milling on the sides, the sight rail, iron sights, cocking handle, grips, safety, velocity adjuster, and aftermarket barrel, the Stone Cold II by Taso. A lot of the details are difficult to see as the model is dark-colored and the details aren?t very big.

98 Render 1

98 Render 2

98 Render 3

gotta say those renders are coming along quite nicley, IMO. oh yeah, and… for those of you who missed me… umm… im back? :confused: