Magic the Gathering Thread

Meh. Talk about Magic the Gathering stuff here. What do you guys think of Betrayers of Kamigawa? I can also provide deck help-ish.

Are those those cards? If so, they look kinda cool, but I’m never getting into card gaming again because of costs.

Yeah. It’s like I burn all my money on them. They are a tad expensive though. If you’re lucky and have a lot of friends, you can always trade for the newest cards instead of actually buying them.

I’m not really much of a Magic player, but isn’t Betrayers of Kamigawa pretty old? Just saying…

As I said in IRC, is posting in topics from two years ago to point out that the subject of the topic is two years old now the latest thing to do or what?

Check post dates before posting.

ive never played it, as i find it to be rather n00bish…