i dunno if anyone here has seen it, but isnt it just one of the best things ever. i cant wait for part 6, im sure it will be the best part yet.

Yes, I’ve watched it, and yes, it’s pretty funny, but I’ve got news for you:

If I were a mod, I’d be saying that this constant posting of pointless topics is becoming annoying. Maybe not so much this topic, but really, “Anti-Insects?!” It’s getting out of hand… And my threats o whatever mean nothing, so I’ll let Dazzy take a stroll through here and see how he likes it.

Besides, Part 6 isn’t coming out. EVER. Krinkels decided that Madness was getting old so he turned his attention towards a new animation project. It still massive violence and such, but it’s not Madness.

Damn! now hank will never get revenge on tricky!

she* :slight_smile:
sry ive made it my job to correct that =)

anyway, can u post a link to where they are? are they like flash?

What is madness combat??

Post linky pleasy.

i JUST said that >.>

…Daz is a dude.

LOL! I didn’t know he did this! XP Christ, Daz, I think you need to start posting your gender.

yeah i know… now im all confozzled too! =(

What do you mean “too”? I saw clearly when his B-Day came, lol.

WTF!@?!?! hes a guy?

err shes*

discussing wether or not a person on a forum is a guy or a girl is stupid…anyways too put it back on topic…what is “madness combat”?

“Madness Combat” is a flash animation made by a guy with the alias “Krinkels”. It’s basically mindless violence and killing with no real purpose but to amuse the viewer at the unorthodox way the protagonist “Hank” fights his way through his enemies. Plenty of blood, not so much gore but there is some. Main characters include a “Sheriff” who “stole Hank’s Pie” (sumarilly he dies within the first three episodes), a clown called “Tricky” (pure comic relief, he just doesn’t die and owns everyone else), and a representation of Jesus called “Jebus” (who acted as the Sheriff’s bodyguard until he was killed). All of the characters resurrect except for the Sherrif. There is also a group of Matrix-style Agents called the “1337 Crew”. This animation shows excessive violence and such is not suitable for those under the age of 13.

Main Page - Note that it is basically run down, as they had a recent update to the layout which has left it without most of the good stuff like the animations and the games. If you want to see them, you’ll have to look them up on Newgrounds or on the web, but make sure that you have good anti-virus/spyware hardware installed.

jebus dies!?!?!?

eh… it was a good run.

Actually It’s not finished the madness combat forum states thart it’s done and Krinkels is putting the finishing touches on it

So i’ll get bombed by viruses if i go there basically?

I haven’t even gone there recently, so I wouldn’t know of any new developments, but from what I heard the last time I was around there, Krinkels was getting tired of the Madness theme (the look) and wanted to change it, alos stating that the last one was, in fact, the last one.

But I don’t really care anyway because nothing will replace Redeemer for me.

No, Red, you’ll get bombed with spyware, but that shouldn’t be that hard to handle provided you have the right gear. The viruses start coming when you hit links or adds or certain programs, and to my knowledge Madness is clean.

hm…hope dazzy posts gender when gets here…

…anyways, the page it under contruction it told me…unless my computer is going crazy…

…meh…old news there…

…u guys like stuff like this you need to watch

its like a pure stoner made it man!

yeah yesterday i went on and It said different. Madness 6 Is coming out ^^

The release date’s a mystery though…

it says on ng thet it will be released september 15th, so…

krinkles should at least finish this, i mean, at least let hank get tricky back for ripping his head off and pounding it into the ground.