Mac OS X?

I was wondering about if there is a team, or guy, sorting out the MOSX side of things.
just wondering.

if it’s only planned to be on windows at the moment, then i doubt it very much

There are some windows-mac convertors out there, so if you want, you can play p2d on a mac :slight_smile:
Search google for those convertors.

A guy I know has a virtual PC on his Mac where he can run any windows program. I have no idea whether you need any other downloads (like an operating system or whatever) for it or how legal it is (if at all), but…yeah…

Virtual PC is legal, it’s made by Apple after all. Although it does cost $150, but that’s better then buying a whole new computer.

it wont work, i tried, it says your missing a dll file

Nope. Microsoft bought it from connectix. And you need a copy of Windows too.

The emulation sucks, but it works.

Hmm… interesting, I think they distribute it in

But that’s old news, and the new news is great. With the new mac 10.5’s coming, a program called ‘boot camp’ is going to be standard on each .5 machine. It lets you partition your hard drive, and run Windows XP on your mac. Although you need the Windows XP install disk, but it’s worth it. You can just restart your computer in either XP or 10.5 mode.

Boot Camp will only work on the Intel-Macs.
It does’nt matter if you have a Quad PowerMac G5, it will not work.

Ah, yeah, forgot about that…
Huh, they don’t even have a G5 with Intel yet. Odd…
But, nevertheless, still great news to me. My friend can no longer think of a reason why Windows is better then Mac.