M_Z's art?


That is a sweet sword

:O_O: awesome!!! like the boots :smiling_imp:

The picture is hard to see. I’m guessing your scanner sucks?

I’d say his scanner is average quality and that his art is very light.

Ehh… Have you ever looked at a human body?
The muscles looks wierd and the arms are too short.

I don’t spend my time staring at muscly guys.

Try it. It does’nt make you a fag. You will only get better at drawing muscles if you know what they look like.

Just work out a lot, and then look at yourself in the mirror. <_<

But WHY did you draw on line paper? Why, man, why?

I was at school, and I didn’t have any normal paper available. :frowning:

Nice Muscles. I however think his chest should be smaller. Looks huge. <.<;

The shoulders are kind of down. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it would look better if it was more of a circled shoulder, and then curve.

Yeah, I kinda got carried away with muscles, I just tried to make him look cool :stuck_out_tongue:

His chest is fine, the arms need work though, the anatomy needs alot of work, everywhere, you should practice more anatomy. And the pose looks unnatural, you should do lines before drawing the whole thing. The weapons are completely 2d, and the head is too small for that body. The fire looks unnatural too, fire never goes in one direction like that.
I’d say you should focus on proportions and muscles.

Thanks for the crits Sloth, any help on how I could improve the anatomy?

Here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

Lined paper = no.


ZOMG Screen stretch <_______<

You SO did not just go there.

I SO just did Tim :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit : A friends request.

You’re getting better, that’s for sure.

edit: try inking your work, it makes drawings stand out more.