M:ZM Kanden

Custom and stuff.

Proportions are pretty screwed up. His neck is far too fat, his arms and legs seem too scrawny, and his waist is almost nonexistant still.

Ok, NOW I think I’m done. Thanks, Daz. <3

looks good! no suggestions come to mind at the moment…

I think it looks great. Better than my Kanden, but of course, i wasnt going for detail. If i made the base sprite that good, and the other sprites would have to match it. And that would take ages.

But thanks, im glad my sprites are getting people up and runnin.

Stop making me feel incredibly stupid.

SEXY. But I think his upper torso is a little short. The shoulder area and stuff… isn’t it a little taller than that ingame?

i agree… the neck/head really looks small compared to the shoulders.

Sorry, no incredibly stupid feeling making was intended. I’m just saying that on the scale of sprite sheet I intend to make (though i have no idea if you intend to even sheet that sprite), it wouldnt be worth making it that detailed.

But just for the record, I’ll take some pointers from your Kanden. Some of mine’s poses feel a little stiff. I like how laid back your is.

Um, my suggestion was to make the shoulders bigger. >_>

His head IS really small.

oh… my mistake, i misunderstood that >.<

crickets chirp

So, are you gonna do a sprite sheet, or is this just for fun?

Aye, but school work and stuff is heavy this weekend. :angry:
If not I’ll jump to another Hunter. Not Spire though, because someone else might be doing him.

You were saying??