M:ZM bugs, ect

anyway, if anyone has found any glitches in the game system or early weapons, ect post them in here. M:ZM only though.

heres what i found

1 wall infinate jump:

requirements - 1 streight wall

procedure - i found out that if you use a wall jump against a wall over and over, you can do it for infinity.

early super missles:

requirements - speed boost

procedure - in brinstar, after kraid, in the right long verticle shaft at the bottom, there is a speed boost ball slot. you run (at the bottom of this shaft) to the right and open the door. once in the other room and ur speed boost starts, crouch, then run really fast so that you’re close enough to shoot the door. once u shoot it, go into a morph ball and (in the dip of this hallway) jump. press left quickly. enter the verticle shaft with your boost ball and exit through the wall. then, enter the secret room in between the 2 verticle shafts. keep speed balling until u get into the intersection between the LEFT shaft and secret room. while the screen is scrolling, hold down. this should hold your boost for a while, then jump onto the lower platform in the left shaft and go into a ball. you should still have your speed booster on. jump while in morph ball, then press left quickly. you should boost into the secret room left of the left shaft and into the power missle chamber. enjoy. =p

by the way, rather then fighting ridly with 4-6 super missles, this way i got to fight him with 14-16 =p

Niether of those are glitches :neutral_face:


I’ve found one that’s really hard to perform. When you find a pickup inside a Chozo Statues hand, quickly jump low, shoot open the ball and roll into your morph ball and try to get onto the statues hand. If you do it correctly, you should be recharging while you get the item. After you read the description and start the game, the chozo statue will be blue and “box-like”. I’ve only been able to do this once, since it’s a very hard glitch, but it is possible. I can’t explain it any better because of this.