That’s right, Aurora is back in action and nearly ready to commence development.

For all those who do not know what M-PIVA is, the new website does not have anything in it yet, however I’ll be fixing it up soon. In the mean time:

[METROID] Prime IV: Aurora takes place after the entire series or games, unlike Prime, Hunters, Dark Echoes, and Corruption.

Samus has finally taken down the Space Pirate High Command, however remnants of their troops remain intact and a sample of of Ridley’s DNA is contained on Galactic Federation space station, TERRA (Terra Epsilon Research/Recovery/Adaption).

Ohno Rei is a young bounty hunter known only to the public as the mysterious “Black Zero.” His only relation to Samus is their mutual occupation and the DNA sample on-board TERRA.

Rei is summoned to TERRA to guard the DNA sample due to a Pirate Remnant sighting in the area. Aboard the station, he encountered his old academy partner, Garret Hallen, who became an efficient heavy weapons specialist.

After a week of nothing, the Pirate Remnant attack TERRA, lead by the infamous Weavel. Garret is locked out of the battle by some blast-doors and has to find an alternate route. Meanwhile, Rei easily makes it through with a mysterious burst of extreme speed.

In the hangar, Weavel commands his troops to retrieve the sample while he himself deals with Rei. Eventually, Rei wins by a hair and the pirate team comes rushing back. Rei attempts to catch them and Weavel destroys his suit.

After the Pirates leave, Rei has an encounter with a mysterious alien girl who accidentally infuses him with Phazon.

Eventually, Rei and the girl, who’s name happens to be Mila, encounter Samus, who is called to assist with Rei’s recent infection. After Rei is back in full control, the trio go off to discover their apperant past together and, along the way, Rei unlocks an entity known as the White Ouan. Together, after they have recovered their past, Samus, Rei, and Mila must fight back-to-back and side-by-side to save all of the Federation and restore the Chozo.

“The rising of the Pirate Legion will bring about absolute living hell. Such will be the end of all your hopes and dreams.” - White Ouan - “Metroid Prime IV: Aurora” -

oh uh… cool story…it’s a different story style then metroid usually has…but don’t you need to show some work? sprites or a demo or something…maybe its just a mix up

Sorry… no sprites or demo… …only some story… and that’s not even finished… unfortunately, no screens or anything will be out until after Christmas… I don’t have the Unreal Engine yet or a decent 3D modeler, so nothing… and I can’t do the concept art >>…