lucid dreaming

ima try to learn this shit it’s awesome :]

reply more kthxbai

anyway i have an update. recently i’ve been counting my fingers throughout the day to make sure i get to 10 and to prove/disprove i am dreaming and get it into a habit. well, i actually managed to remember to do it in my dream and i realized i was dreaming… but then my brain tricked me and gave me a dream i waas waking up when in reality i was still dreaming. i’m too smart for my own good xD

… most of the time I’m aware I’m dreaming. My dreams rarely are vivid. :frowning:

i wish i had that natural tendancy but some of us gotta learn… or dont care but i think its a cool thing to do :]

All of my lucid dreams are sexual.

tmi bro, tmi


or very bloody gorey violent kill everything that moves murder dreams of fun and blood =D

To be honest I always dream of being chased by the SA-X, everytime I always have to hide from it,and it’s inevitable.

I have fucked up dreams, but not that many sexual, and 0 lucid :frowning:

My dream life sucks.
No nightmares though!

Nocturnal Emission ftw.

Sexual dreams are always fun, but you hardly ever get much out of it. From my observations of first-hand lucid experiences, it’s quite rare to actually manage to orgasm in a dream.

Every lucid dream I’ve had I ended up in some city, got chased out by the army, got chased back in by an angry mob with pitch forks and torches, then I was standing next to a garage door with a big blue “01” on it. And then a tank with silver and blue plating rolled around the corner.

That was also the time when I tried to get someone to wake me up 'cuz I got bored of the dream. Ended up waking up and saying “Someone wake me up!” Again. Scared the crap out of my brother.

Hey, at least it’s not worse than getting chased by the SA-X.