LoZRiC FAQ by Knuckle

eam troppers and shock troopers too… the bomerang or bow should take care of then, grab all the pickups you can and keep going up,when there be no stair left to walk,use the hookshot to climb these last two trees near the crates and prepare yourself to battle for the last cristal.

BOSS 7 and 8 : Ridley / Escape from Ridley


Okey, the good news is that no matter how empty your magic bar is,there will be no problem,cuz Ridley is not affected by nothing that the great faires have gaved to you this far. so, save your stamina and time and climb in the closest tingle plataform you find… you gotta calm donw and just dodge the misiles,projeticles and any other fire ball he throws…wait until he fly far away and only then get your bow ready, now… until he reach you again you should be capable of fire at least 3 arrows… that will take like 2% of he’s energy… dont be alarmed this is not the only thing you can do to confront him ( if it was that could take days lol ) soon as he hit the plataform where you are you gotta jump away to the farest one, because a big wave of energy should destroy the ones near to that one he hitted… after this he will be a little imobile,if you be quickly,slice him one or two times with the sword but get back to the plataform right away,if you stay next to him for too long he will do a spin attack with he’s tail and trhow you aaaaaall the way down of the tower(belive me, climb all the stage again SUCKS),as you get back to a tingle plataform(do never stay on the ground,is hardest to dodge there) he will once again fire all that things you are used to, and once again take a flight away from you, repeat the arrow process and if you can, the sword thing (ONLY IF YOU CAN, dont take any risks).
the battle will be at the climax when the cristal will apear on the crest in the middle of the arena like happened with all the other bosses, but this time with the diference that the boss is STILL ALIVE!
Get the cristal and ridley will start fire a homing misile on you, now you will have to run like hell from it, jump back to the trees and then to the stairs that left the room, be fast or the misile you get you and is one-hit-KO my friend, if you fell confident you can shoot some arrows on ridley while you go down (lock target with R) when you found yourself in the room where you fought the pirates ridley will destroy the roof and keep folowing you,you gotta go all the way back to the save room (that wont work… perfect! ) and take the way to the room where there is the great statue; aways taking care to dodge ridley’s misiles and shooting arrows back at him, now, on the statue room, you gotta be smart, do something so ridley miss the shoot and hit that door of the gas room, luckly the room is not filled with gas anymore so dont be afraid, go inside right away and you will find the soooo called cristal sanctuary, what a fitting situation huh? dont waste time and place all the cristals in there as the Kakariko vilage elder said, aaaaand you did it!! you beated “Reign in Ciclone” !!! now all you gotta do is whatch the incredible ending, that i also included in this FAQ.


This part of the FAQ is where i describle the ending of the game with all the minuscles details, so if you dont wanna get your surprise ruined i strongly recommend you to dont read the lines below, and even if you do… dont go complaining on me…


The seven cristals starts energizating the hole tower, at the same moment, ridley enters in the room, and BAAAM get caught in a strange wave of energies, after the big lighting flash ridley found himself in a dimensional vortex ( the same from the beggining ) and see the princess zelda doing the opositive curse that he does, another flash happens and TAA DAAHH instead of ridley now there is the princess Zelda!! the operation was totaly sucefull! zelda and ridley returned to the places where they belong, not only that, all the pirates start desapearing and in their places the dekus, gorons and hilians start coming back at time! Hyrule is once again saved! now the credits takes place, if you collected all metroid games you shall see samus in Talon breathing reliefed while the aliens return to their places.

thats all folks! you got 100% of items in the most complex zelda game ever! congratulations, in the next version of the FAQ i’ll make a list of all the enemies , maps and strategies, and a huge tutorial teaching all the Ridley suit techniques, til there !

A page straight out of a crossover game. Excellent. Excuse me while I die laughing.

does so

Edit: And by the way, to those who don’t know, Knuckle is Brazillian. Be thankful his spelling is as intelligible as it is.

yes, pretend you got a portuguese walktrought translated to english by babelfish XD

…from the mind of a crackbaby…TO US!!! it was an interesting read, and enjoyable (not to mention the funniest thing i have heard recently), it was odd, but it was funny at the same time, good! :smiley:

Lol, i only had to read halfway to know that your fucking crazy. That was the best couple minutes of my life. Why hasnt link taken down ridley a long time ago???

Yeah, it was rather funny imagines Link v.s. Ridley.

Hey knuckle why did you PM to come here…are you desperate or what … :imp:

im trying to get atention XD!

besides im gonna do a game with this material, so now im making the merchandiese