Look what I found (Spoilers Warning)

This give us alot of information about the wierd arm how its black and everything else so here it is but remember Spoilers Warning!


Freakin’ Awesome! I can’t wait. Anyways, is the August 20th release date still the release date. I know there’s been a lot of speculation, and I was wondering…

There’s two pages.

I like the look of that “Defense Mechanoid”.


wins…that is all.

Holy shit this is awesome!

IT looks like Samus’s suit has been fused with a GFed suit.

Hey wait! There’s even a visor from the GFed suits on her breast plate! :smiley:

Doesn’t it just make you want to hibernate till Aug. 20th?
“The shape of things to come. A more feminine Samus.” I’m not sure in thats a good thing or a bad thing :confused:

So I wonder if that’s more than the Varia or less? I could see that being the underparts above the Fusion suit, but what would that give her a GF thing on her chest for? Still, it looks like a starting suit, not an upgrade…

Edit: Wait, why isn’t this in the stickied topic?