Here is a link to one of the funniest flash cartoons in the history of ever watch now or all your base shall belong to us :laughing: this is the third of three currently made there are links in the preload for the other two.
edit forgot to mention: post your thoughts on this here

i belive the phrase is “all your base are belong to us”…

anyway, i watched that flash a while ago, and i really thought it was funny too. i shall watch it a second time!

oh, and there are 2 more before it, so you should watch those 2 first. the first one isnt so great though.


It’s old, but hilarious =D
Also, you should link to the decline of video gaming 1 and 2 while you’re at it <_<

and decline christmas

it was pretty funny, anyone ever seen halo for retards? its okay.

also, might i recommend tankmen 2?

hello there are links to those three in the friggin preload and TLOZ and the lampshade of no importance. But Delcine 1, Decline 2, Decline XMas and Lampshade of no importance. By the way All your Zelda are Belong to Us!.

Ah another funny memory under my belt.

This is funny