LOL @ Google AdSense

I have no clue whether this is posted in the right forums or not but… here are some funny ads I found:


Future victem of sexual assault.

Note that none of these ads are edited in any way.

Hey, that’s my message log!

Grr… I’ll have to change my screen name. It’s a shame too, “Blonde Chick” was so original.

0_0 u’r joking right?!?

Yes, he is joking. Why would anybody REALLY fall for that? <__<;

Haha. I’ve seen those before, “Looking for metroid? Find exactly what you want to day.”

HA! I get it! except for the first one :O_O:

I don’t get the first one either :confused: ermm… where can i get teh phazon?

No its just saying you can find anything on EBay…
BTW has anyone ever searched “Phazon” on EBay?

ill try now!

ummm… i got 5 items

hmmmm… VOID KORALON PHAZON sounds intresting… :confused: