Lock on system

What about a lock on system? You could kill those b****y turrets really easy!

Black sands originally had a lock on system. But it was ditched because it wouldn’t stay true to 2d metroid games.

And yes, the turrets are a bitch, but I think your posting was a tad off.

Uh sorry if my topic was a bit irrelevant…btw like ur avatar. Did u do him urself? I’m also working on the mp2e ship and it’s looking good. mzm colour layout (1 source of light) or mf layout?

I didn’t make my avatar, as awsome as that’d be.

Anyway, you should post your ship in your sprite topic (if you don’t have one, make one).

There’s something else I noticed in Metroid Prime… all the Space Pirates have like, glowing eyes, like fire (brrr…) and it goes out when they die. I guess it’d look cool on Omega Pirates or just run-of-mill Pirates, with a little particle effect.