List of media to be completed

you had one over at scu its time to move one over here…

im not sure what is currently done or not, so if i ever wanted to aid in the project, i would have no idea what i could sprite that was not done already…

this one should also include sound bytes and things other than sprites needing to be completed. heck, even scripts that need to be done should be posted here.

I believe we have one in the members-only area.

But then we can’t get new members :3~

exactly. we need one at a place where everyone can view it so people that feel the urge to contribute something can do so…

In other words, the key to the locked treasure chest is inside it.

I’ll go ahead and copy over the list, but we still need to figure out what’s finished and what’s not and label them appropriately. (few are actually labeled right now, and no names are listed)


Hm, yes, I see your point. Sorry.

And as for fixing the list, I believe there’s a topic somewhere with a link to every resource CFX deemed worthy of use, uploaded both to his filespace and mine, so we can use that. :3