Light Suit

Sorry it’s so small but it’s because I’m basing it off the older Metroid Sprites.

that kind of looks like the zero mission sprite. the head is an oval, its not suspose to be, and the head should be seperated from the shoulders. also you need to add in the black parts and make the lights on the body stand out more. it is a good start though.

those orange lights?

wtf i doont see any oorange lights! (please doont tell me im blind >_>)

oon toopic : i like it. it kinda has the same shading as MZ’s galactic fooderation sooldier. I was thinking a light suit woould be moore glass-looooking thoough? maybe its just me, but i like glass looooking =p

zomg dbl O’s!


I wanted to edit your’s a bit and make a glass version but i decided not to… WAY too many colors.

there are 5 shades of the light green of his gun virtually the same!

in MP2E light suit the are orange lights on the suit

THIS is your same samus sprite with only… 11 colors! from about 53 to 11


OMG THERES A LIGHT SUIT IN ECHOES!?! i must havent got that far and it doesnt say in the instruction book >_>

at the last of the game. what other game is the light suit from?

i dunno i was thinking it was a custom like the ing suit i saw in someone’s thread

You need to add a little bit color to it to make the things in the cheast show up. but it looks good.