Life-Sized Samus

Who thinks a full-screen version of Metroid with a full sized, detailed Samus sprite would be cool? I got this idea when I was looking through some of my very old sprites. I hit this:

In other words, imagine that as a sprite sheet. Like P2D fullscreen, but with the appropriate detail at that size. Anyone?

So like a Street Fighter sized Samus?

And why does the topic say “Life-Sized”?

Edit: Joke too stupid to be seen…


That’s a really good sprite. The only thing is that the arms seem a little too thin compared to the shoulders. I know the shoulders are supposed to be big, but I don’t think the arms are supposed to be that thin. Maybe widen the arms a little

That was a horrible joke. It’ll make people wince in pain.

I gave it that nick-name because, so far, every Metroid side-scroller has a Samus no bigger than the nail of a thumb (Ok, SM might be considered bigger on a tv screen, but the actual sprite really isn’t detailed enough.) Also, this is not a critique of my sprite, I just want to get an idea of how interesting this idea is.

And here’s an update: Make it with 3D models so there is alot of detail when its zoomed up like that?

I know it was a bad joke… I wasn’t really even trying to be funny :unamused: :neutral_face:

Ah. In that case, I think the idea is good. The sprites should be more detailed up close instead of stretched out.

3D models? I don’t completely understand how?

What edthedestroyer did with his fangame. Have full detailed 3D models (like Prime’s) and turn them into a 2D spritesheet. Of course, you could make it even better by making the game 3D, but only let you move in the 8 directions like SSBM.

Well, very nice sprite…I’d love to see an actual sprite sheet like this!

That would be one huge sprite sheet, and also a very large game were someone to use it. Other than that though It’s cool.

this would be such a cool game if you could get a team working on it… first ever metroid game to be in 1024 x 768! ill help sprite if u really want to make something of it.

Yes, but even so…it is a very good idea, and I’m sure it would make an excelent game!

Looks great! Although the arms are too thin, as it was said above… Also, Sloth has made a huge sized Samus, but I can’t find it anymore, it was completely pixeleted and was about 3 times the size of yours!