Life on mars

I wonder if there is life on mars?I heard Nasa has found water gullies under the surface of mars.Maybe one day humans can live on mars and we can bring a lot and i mean alot of water with us if we dont find water on mars.Theres a lot of stuff about it here in wikipedia.
Wikipedia on mars

Well, it sorta depends on your definition of “life.” If you see life as life in it’s simplest form, then Mars already has life in it’s polar ice caps. If you mean intelligent life, then it might be possible. Personally, I think life as life in it’s simplest form, so in my eyes, yes, Mars does contain life.

No it doesn’t. It used to contain life, and it all died out.

There isn’t much to discuss… there is no life on the surface of Mars, and there is no evidence for or against life beneath the surface.

No one really knows yet.Maybe there is or maybe there isn’t but maybe on day we will discover something.

i heard that that first picture on that page with the bactiria structure was actually not bacteria at all. it turned out to be some hair folical or something like that. it did not in fact come from mars but somehow got into the test container.

Wonder how it got in there

I’m forced to assume that, being hair, it got in there because it fell from someone’s head.

It’s MUCH more likely that there’s life on Titan.

…no, it isn’t…