I’m now the proud owner of a new Lian-Li PC-A70B.


that thing looks almost as tall as the table you have it on 0.0

2ft tall, 2ft deep, and almost 1ft wide. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s massive.

Very nice. Specs?

What do you mean, of the case or of the computer?

Of the computer, silly. :stuck_out_tongue:

MSI GTX 260 OC’d to 760/1520/2360 (Gonna 3-way sli once prices drop)
2Gb DDR2 800
AMD Athlon x2 2.8 ghz (Lol, sucks, I’m buying an i7 next year, after the 6-core comes out and drops the prices)
XFX Geforce 8200 motherboard

My case is a Antec 1200, seems to be similar in size to that one, glad I bought it too, as I would have ran out of space by now.

This one is just slightly bigger. It’s also better quality (antec is good, but nothing compared to Lian-Li), and imo this one is better looking.

Way better than mine, then.

The tower does look nice, too.

i’m stingy with cases. as long as they get the job done i’m fine with em (why do you need a fancy case when a 25$ one can do the exact ssame thing?)