Level number thing

What level do you turn into anything? How many posts to turn to each level? I’m just wondering because I noticed I was suddenly an Elite Pirate. (w00t)

0 - Zoomer
50 - Geemer
100 - War Wasp
200 - Sheegoth
300 - Metroid
500 - Elite Pirate
1000 - Omega Pirate
2000 - Metroid Prime
3000 - Prime Essence
4000 - Newborn Saviour
5000 - Custom

Sweet. I was just wonderin. Thanks 072

5000 GET xD

Wasps are all the rage.

Omega ftw. :smiley:

Or in my case, ‘on thin ice’.

Speaking of which, when does my warn go down, and when do I get my title back? (meaning the status, I don’t expect to get team member back. xD)

They’re actually going to ban you again for kicks.

I wouldn’t doubt it, but I don’t need to worry. Troid is back for a week. :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d like to think i’d be a mod before i got 5000 posts xDDD

but i doubt either would happen

P2D will either be done or dead by then xDDD

epicly P2D WILL NEEEVVVVEEERR DIEE!!! holds up flag while getting shot with arrows



damn i want custom so bad… too bad i’m not even half way there :frowning:

Eheheh… Even Dazuro doesn’t have 5000 posts.
He has the highest postcount at 4300-something.

I have a custom level.
Daz loves me. Just ask him.

I’m, alas, a salami.

Well, I was, but it got reset when I was suspended :frowning:

Sigh 4000some posts from “And then it exploded.” =(

Edit: I love being slightly ranked in my CSS clan, by the way. Custom rank thing ftw. Too bad I’m not ranked juuuust a bit higher, so I can’t edit others’ rank thing.


Not really, I’ll be 30 years old before I hit that many posts (I"m 16, btw). :stuck_out_tongue:

But CMC, I see you having a definite chance at getting the most number of posts out of anyone, even Daz. You’ve been here for what, 14 months now? And you’re already on the top 10 posters list.

You’re insane, btw. You couldn’t get me to post that much unless you paid me to sit here and post ALL DAY EVERY DAY for at least a year.

You’re epic, CMC. You’ll hit 5000 soon (soon meaning in 4 years lol).

Yeah. It’s sick. It’s like he was born on the freaking internet.
It makes you wonder if he really exists or if he is a bot. And should I refer to him as it since he could be a bot?

Hello Candy Man Criminal, the possible spambot. What’s up?

system ready…
input command_

5000 get

also, maybe CMC has that postcount because of posts that don’t contribute to anything, i dunno.
postcount means nothing, some system that had a words/post ratio would be much cooler. that way i could just wordvomit in my as of now 101 posts and have i dunno, less than 1 i guess. oh well.