Let's Play Something

I have been wanting to do an LP for a pretty long time, and after watching a couple I decided to start. The only problem is I don’t know what game I want to do it on. I’ve been trying to find an N64 game that hasn’t been done yet (and that I’ve played) and am having some trouble, so I thought I’d come to you guys. Anything good?

I don’t know exactly what you mean here… :confused:

I’d say finding a game that no-one else have done is pretty hard. I think that you should pick a pretty well-known game that you are good at and then make some restrictions (like doing a low %-run on a metroid game, for instance) to make it more interesting.

Those kind of LP’s are the ones I like the most, anyway.

Heh. Let’s do a speed run.

Metroid Prime.


Maybe I’ll do a 100% Banjo Kazooie. That would be fun.

Almost a year and a half later, holy shit it actaully happened.

Of course I start a bit rough, but part 6 is my favorite out of the 14 I’ve recorded.

Haha, you’re failing made me wanna go get MM and play it for the first time myself. I beat cutman first try (you’re using the wrong strategy).

Edit: Iceman sucks. Like seriously. Found all the others easy, except him.

Yeah, I just finished recording part 15, and I’ve been stuck on that stage since part 7. It’s those damn floating platforms. I can beat him if I get a few more tries, but I just can’t get to him again.

Also, part 7.

Ha ha! :smiley:

Floating problems were fine for me. Only problem is it’s really flipping hard to dodge his ice attack.

Yeah, you have about one frame to jump between shots, and you have to do it twice in a row, judging the timing of your landing on the second.

Also, fucking massive microphone upgrade. As in, from $20 Radioshack mic to $200 professional studio quality mic. Too bad you won’t hear it until part 16.

Well, after tons of rage and near mental breakdowns, I beat the game, and I finished all the Masters from 2 today. I’m still in the process of exporting and uploading, so the latest that’s up is part 12. I won’t tell you when I beat Ice Man, but it’s a while, and then I kinda dominate until the last Wily stage. If you think the rage here with Ice Man is bad, boy lemme tell ya. I’ll be making a compilation of my best rages after all of them are processed.

Actually, I’m wondering. For that compilation, should I clips in or just the audio of me raging?

Man, worse than Ice? I gave up on him, smoked every other stage in the game, and now am going back to try again. xD

Well, first there’s a series of jumps that need near perfect timing, then you do a straight run of Bomb Man, Fire Man, Ice Man, and Guts Man with no health or ammo between, and then straight on to Dr. Wily with only one big ammo pickup on the way.


Also, the electric weapon kills Ice Man in 4-5 hits. I wish I had known that.

Yeah, I found that out. Fire dominates bomb man, cuts dominates guts, electric dominates ice.

Up to part 15 now, and next part is the beginning of the massive microphone upgrade. I’m also right before Dr. Wily (I guess/assume/hope) in 2, and then I’ll go right on to 3.

The “Zelda Things” are called blade traps, just FYI.

Also how did you get FRAPS to behave, every time I try to capture JNes it crashes or just records my voice on a black screen?

I’m actaully using Snagit, which seems better than Fraps so far. You can choose regions to capture, there’s basically no drop in framerate, and the file sizes are a bit smaller but about the same quality.

But it’s $50, as opposed to Fraps’ $37. If you actually pay for it. Which you should. Of course.

I use Bandicam myself, which records 1920 x 1080 in graphic intensive games with little to no drops in framerate. It has a really useful interface, that allows for ease of use, but doesn’t restrict customisation.

Hypercam here… Also does custom video area.