Let's have P2D in italian

yes, why? i thinked at it and i would translate all dialouges(argh…damn word) in italian… i saw that p2d will have german, french… why not italian?

(comment of a friend of mine about p2d::: “symply… amazing”)

I only speak from experience here. It is likely that there is no team member with the appropriate knowledge for such a task. This is likely true but if you want the game in Italian JOIN THE TEAM AND DO IT YOURSELF

Unless it’s a typo, that’s what he was suggesting, BadtemperMan. Anyway, I believe DestroyerF handles giving out the text you need to translate and everything, so wait until he sees this topic or contact him personally. Of course, it would help to show more of an understanding of the English language first…

yes, i will ask destroyer… it was an idea so, i posted the topic in idea and comments.

If your English is as bad as your posts make it out to be, I really don’t think you’re the best choice for a translator >_>

my english is not as bad as that post

i cn trsnlator it in2 intalian 4 you gies. can i hlp u?

Yeah… They are just saying you should make your posts
more legible if you want to work translating the game.

i see

Wow, you’re an asshole =D
Why the hell would you make fun of someone who
(a) wants to contribute to the project
(b) writes understandably enough
(.c) has all the skills necessary to do what he wants to do
(d) is doing more for the project than you’ve ever dreamed of doing.
He’s a better member of these forums than you just for that post, and you just lost a lot of reputation with me… making fun of how foreign people type is just wrong.

Don’t mind him, Morejatroid. It’s great that you want to help, and there’s no need for you to know how to write in english, as long as you can write in italian, and read english.
I know you can do both, so if you do decide to do it, it’d be really great :smiley:

Tons of people do, some of which are n00bs. Some people
enjoy making fun of them. Not that I actually even was
flaming Morejatroid…

So because I can read his posts automatically means I can’t
make fun of him?

Um… How do you know he has the skills to translate this game?

I don’t know about you, but I have NEVER dreamed or even wanted to help
with this project. And as of now he has done absolutly nothing for this project,
infact, we don’t even know if he is on the team yet… I have my own project
to worry about.

Wow! Saying “i wanna help with this project” really makes someone a great member doesn’t it? Your post makes no sense. Go get some therapy, because
you’ll need it if reading a post on a message board sets you off so easily.
And lastly, I wasn’t even making fun of the guy. You mistook that part of my
post as something against Morejatroid, when I was just showing how bad it
looks to join a project (especially if your doing translating) and you spell
a bunch of things wrong.


Both of you, cool it.

Tim, the point remains that if the kid can barely SPEAK English, he probably can’t translate very well. And whether he can or not, his post implied that he practically can’t.

Dragon, you WERE being rather inflammatory. Also, yes, that DOES make him a better person–seeing as this is theoretically a forum for people making a game, and if you want to help, damn right you’re better than someone who has no interest in doing anything other than mocking people while contributing nothing themselves.

Yeah, wanting to translate a dead project really helps alot. Whatever,
have fun.

IT IS NOT quite DEAD yet

If it’s so dead, then GTFO and let its supporters enjoy themselves without having to hear your prophecies of doom.

It’s just in a slow rut thanks to an unfortunate series of events. P2D will not die yet.

School coming back + next gen consoles detracting attention + loss of DF’s computer caused problems, but all of these will subside. Time shall tell.

  1. i have no problem to understand english and translate in italian.
  2. translating is the only way to help for me(i knw, i can’t write in english very well) and if you don’t want to help, i want to and if you think that i can’t because you say this… you are not the manager right?
    3)as far as now i have done nothing for this project because i decided to try help where i can now
    4)P2D won’t be dead if there will be people like me who want to help
  1. Very well then.

  2. Well if you can do it, then go ahead. And no, I’m not technically the manager, I’m just the PR guy and admin.

  3. Understandable.

  4. Precisely.

  5. Fetus? Yes.

sounds like what king teranis said to the prophet, Medevh, before the scourge came.

talking about WC3, btw.

anyway, yeah, try it out. i’m sure the team members would be happy to accept you if you prove yourself.

if you mean asking in scuforum… i registered there this summer and i have never recived validation email…

if u can read english, y do u need p2d translated?

sry for the bad grammar; im writting this on my Wii.

You do realize you could have just spelled everything right and it would’ve taken less time than writing a clarifying sentence, right?

And to answer your question: native language is always much nicer to read, and is easier to share with your friends (of the same native language)